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The pin on the D tuner had slipped out of its support hole at one end. Despite what the serial number seems to indicate, the end of the neck is stamped with 19FEB68B. Let us restore musicality to your guitar, whether you’re a hobbyist or a working musician, whether you’re in need of a repair, adjustment or custom work. The neck pocket has three Fender, thin Forbon shims, two in red and one thicker shim in black. All three pickups are manufactured to identical specifications. Unlike my Korean made, but genuine, Bigsby B5, on the Epiphone licensed version there are retaining circlips fitted on either end of the string shaft, holding it in place in the frame. The letter code does not refer to neck shape, only width. The bodies are marked but seem straight. The test shows the following frets are high; 10 just a little on the high E side, 12 particularly on the low E side, 14, 18 and 20 a little in the middle. 21 small frets, some visible fret wear down to the seventh fret across all strings. Despite that even replacement Mustang tremolo bars (left handed) are hard to find. Current production has a Casino VS (no Bigsby) which sells at a street price of £438.10. With excellent diagnostic skills, high quality guitar repairs, and vintage restorations. – £12.39. Inserted two fibre washers to take up the slack between the bearing in the Bigsby arm and the inner face of the arm bracket. Guitar, Bass & Musical Instrument Repair service based in London, UK. The loudspeakers were tested by connecting them to another amplifier – they are fine. Strange little 5 way pickup switch. – Rewired exposed Live to go straight to the transformers. LaBella make bass strings specifically for this instrument. Here the three replacement toroidal transformers can be seen mounted along the bottom of the back panel. The electronics are mounted on a separate bent steel plate under the transport plate. You need Rotosound ‘Medium’ scale 35.25 inches from ball to silk. Work Done –  Unit disassembled and cleaned (the inside of the case under the transport had some rather alien looking dust bunnies in it). The mains input originally passed through two PC mount connectors and some PCB tracks. One piece Zinc alloy bridge replaced with a Wilkinson WV6SBCR (chrome plated steel bridge plate with a steel inertia block) which has the narrower 2 1/8 inch string spacing and the oval mounting holes that will allow for the odd Tokai bridge mounting screw spacing. Date – 21/01/16. This example is a three channel, 2 by 12 combo amp with channel volumes and Master volume control. A captive 2 core mains lead (replaced with a grounded 3 core) and two captive screened cables for a footswitch and the signal out, exit the left edge of the transport plate and are stored in a recess in the left end of the case. The neck is bound in white plastic with large oval black edge markers. Packed full of the best from the world of new, used and vintage guitars, basses and read more. Clockwise turns on the screw reduces tension on the leaf spring, the chromed bar string anchor tilts forwards and the notes flatten. Find Guitar Repairs near Acton, West London, read reviews and get contact details. Zener regulated, from power amp 40V through R105 100ohm – red wire, Pin 4 – -15V (?) Parts replaced – Playback head, Bottom grille, lamp, 3 core mains cable, output cable, 2 fixing screws, knob insert. Portobello Music specialises in the repair and overhaul electric/acoustic guitars and string-family instruments. Three push button keys for ‘Halo’, ‘Echo’ and ‘Repet’ (short for repetition? Rust around the hole in the front panel jamming the Drive / Clean push-push switch removed so the switch can move freely. Cheap Japanese output jack replaced with a Switchcraft, fitted with a screened cable. © London Guitar Academy. Hofner specify 3mm E and 2mm G. The aluminium height thumb wheels on the bridge were set as low as they will go so the only way to get a slightly lower action is to remove those wheels altogether. Fretboard buffed clean and polished. These cylinders are graduated in three diameters – small, medium, large – to follow the fretboard radius – so small, medium, large, large, medium, small. The re-issue ‘modern player’ Coronado has a solid centre block, a pinned Gibson style Adjust-O-Matic bridge and two Fender Fidelitron humbucking pickups. Case is falling apart. Two bent metal string trees with a spacer. Repairs . means ‘death to Selmer’. Fret 22 is loose on the treble side and needs glueing down. Text Me. All the signal mixing is by a passive resistor network, high impedance output. This unit is a MkII valve unit, although the makers plate shows it as a ‘D.T.S.’ model (apparently D.T.S. The bridge is set very high and is highest on the treble side. The construction actually appears to be of laminated 4 ply with the maple backed by mahogany veneer. Telephone or Text: (226) 503-9317 With both buttons down the foot switch is defeated and the amp is switched to red channel and the blue channel, although not selected, is switched to drive (red and orange LEDs on). The Coronado II’s were made with a number of variations and colours, such as a transparent pick guard (with black script) instead of the black burst white with the script ‘Antigua’ guard on this one, a two screws and a bar string retainer instead of a string tree, two smaller knobs for the tone controls and the addition of the lettering ‘Coronado II’ in black to the headstock. Our knowledge, insights and experience have resulted in instruments displaying the highest standards of sound and playability. Our store in Camden, Central London is the largest dedicated guitar store in the Capital. Unfortunately the new panel has no engraving and the three switches are attached with countersunk screws running through the panel. Rotosound print the scale on the string packets in small print. The team at Gryphon can assess your guitar and liaise with us on the appropriate care. Explore other popular Local Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 … 4 were here. With the Mustang and the Coronado, Fender introduced the Fender Dynamic Vibrato, a two part system where the tremolo mechanism is separated from the bridge. All of the electronics of the Bradley 100W Roadrunner is mounted onto the back panel with the original square frame power transformer bolted to the bottom of the cabinet. This one is graded as – ‘in good condition’. The only problem is that the two 25mm height adjustment screws only have 2mm extending past the threads in the pickup legs so if the pickup loosens at all the screws don’t have far to go before they come loose and the pickup falls out. The Rhythm/Solo switch either connects the selected pickup/s directly to the output or via the 0.047uF for a more treble tone. No work will be done on the instrument without details of the job and cost being agreed with you in advance. Repair Date – 09/09/16 Customer – xxxx xxxx, Price – The original price in 1962 was £38.10 (around £763 inflation adjusted). We carry a wide range of Acoustic and Electric guitars, amplifiers and accessories. Re-positioned the tension pin on the D tuner and dabbed a little nail polish on either end to ‘glue’ it in place. But in practice it is the movement of the anchor forwards (flat) and backwards (sharp) that dominates the tremolos action. With the flat wound strings this instrument has a very fundamental rich, dark tone. The switches on the new panel simply switch either the bass/neck pickup or the treble/ bridge pickup on (or both on) with no extra tone or level shaping components switched in or out. Acoustic guitar repair and setups. Search for suppliers and repair specialists near you, request a quote and review your local Guitar Repairs on Contact us today. These feed 14V AC power to the bridge rectifier that feeds a 12 V DC regulator that powers the valve heaters with the two heaters in each dual triode wired in series. Makers of string instruments, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and classical guitars. The headstock has a thin black/white celluloid facing with the brand ‘Hofner’ in reflective gold script. To sum up, in addition to the mains fuse, one fuse in each pair for every supply rail in the amp – the supply for the valve heaters in the pre-amp, the high voltage supply for the valve sections of the pre-amp and the supply for the power amplifier, is blown. Replace all screws with new – black screws on the pickguard, Electrically screen the guitar with copper tape, Replace the bridge with a Wilkinson steel block bridge with vintage saddles, Replace the old bent metal string trees with Graph Tech trees, New D’Addario waterfall swirl scratch plate. This is the size of wrench used to adjust the bridge height grub screws. Makers of string instruments, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and classical guitars. After removing the Epiphone tension roller, I reamed out the tapered holes in the vibrato frame with a 9.5mm drill. Also a large hand scrawled T. Neck – A one piece, 25.5 inch scale, 7.25 inch radius, flame maple neck (some birdseye) with a bound, light reddish-brown rosewood board and MOTO block inlays. Diagnostic notes – The circuit diagram of these Watkins units shows that the three playback heads, which are spaced along the tape path at increasing distances from the record head, are all wired in a series chain into the input of the playback amplifier. Tokai Springy Sound model numbers – which are usually engraved on the last fret or on the neck heel – generally break down as follows: All of the above models were available with a rosewood fingerboard, but this feature is very rare on ST-80 and higher models. While these Tokai guitars are certainly very good copies, they are copies of US originals that were arguably at their lowest ebb in terms of quality. Oddly unbalanced output from the bridge pickup with the high E pole raised above the others. REPAIR LOG – 1980S? Pushing each switch down removes the short and includes each playback head in the playback circuit chain. I am happy to give your guitar a complete check… Kala U-Bass • Aquila ShortBass-One • Ortega D-Walker. Three push button switches (labelled ‘Halo’, ‘Echo’ and Repet’ – yes it really is labelled Repet) are wired, in the up position, to short across each head winding. Shop. 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At London Guitars we feel that our customers deserve a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Missing the original left handed tremolo arm. Front panel Drive / Clean push-push switch was jammed because of rust around the hole for the push button in the front panel. Missing a tremolo bar. Input jack on top panel. Dropped the bridge height from the high setting as received to adjust the action and adjusted the depth of the two threaded bridge posts that are screwed in to inserts in the top of the guitar. Bad head is open circuit, shows more wear and a wider head gap. Work done –  Fitted a Goldo Tune-o-Matic bridge with roller saddles with added M3 bridge locking grub screws. 21 bids. The glue Fender used to fix the body binding on some of the Coronado bodies left a stain, or chemical burn, around the edge of the body. Each half of one ECC83 is used as an input amp for the two input channels (inputs are 1Meg each), the 6BR8 (a dual tetrode plus triode) is used for the record head driver and for the bias oscillator and the second ECC83 is used as the playback amplifier. The end block is usually glued to the top, back and sides at the bottom end of the guitar. The neck and headstock are painted black with the Epiphone brand inlaid in mother of pearl at the top of the headstock. Tokais can also be identified through their serial numbers, but there are some instances of departures from this system. Setting intonation on a completely floating bridge can be a bit of a problem since, not only do the saddle adjustments set the string length, but the entire bridge can be moved back and forth, or even slanted. Since the Coronado here is left handed that makes replacement arms even rarer. The II indicates this is a two pickup version, there was also a single pickup version, a twelve string and two basses. The electronics seem to function OK with no crackling (wrong – neither volume control actually provides any control over volume). The specifications for the current Casino on the Epiphone web site give a neck width of 1.68 inches. The thin black burst was applied to hide this ‘burn’. Pickup covers are black plastic. Get the best deals on Damaged Acoustic Electric Guitars when you shop the largest online selection at Friendly and efficient guitar services in the Worcester Park, Sutton, Kingston and Wimbledon area. The grub screw shifts a small roller up and down that is mounted on a further V shaped spring. Truss rod adjusts from the headstock with a 4mm hex key bullet nut with a 5mm thread. Push on knobs onto round shaft pots don’t lock to the shafts, so control knobs tend to just spin round and round. This supply is also used to feed the front panel LEDs. Brass nut fitted in place of the original too small and loose plastic nut. Mains T2A slo-blo fuse is blown. Pickup switch seems stiff and unreliable. Controls – Red channel drive, treble, middle, bass, volume, ch switch, Blue channel drive, Drive / Clean switch, treble, middle, bass, drive volume, clean volume, master volume. Valves – This unit has a Mullard ECC83, a Brimar 6BR8 and a Mullard ECC83 – These may be the original valves. There are multiple cracks across the width of the binding and some sweat has penetrated through these and discoloured the edge of the maple neck. It is likely that the tremolo was intended to be set by adjusting the screw so that the anchor pivot pillars sit at right angles to the tremolo shell. Consultations are free of charge and visits are organised and agreed beforehand either by phone or email. We are open Monday -Saturday 8am-9pm. The client had purchased this guitar quite recently with the intention of having it completely re-built, with many parts to be replaced with new modern equivalents. Reaming out the hole slightly removed the rust and freed the switch so the button can move through its full travel. It’s good. London Guitar Repairs is a full service repair shop ranging from setups and truss rod adjustments to complicated neck resets and refrets. The control route is stamped with 12=1SG Y. Tension arm bearings lubricated. The floating wooden bridge has a base and upper section mounted on two height adjustment thumb wheels, which as delivered, are screwed all the way down. Rather than going to waste, these tales are recycled and raveled anew with the life stories of Haim and David. Guitar repairs London, Amp repairs, Guitar Setups, re-fretting, Headstock repairs and full re-wires, spares and custom parts. The London Guitar Academy is London’s only dedicated Rock Pop and Blues guitar school specialising in one to one guitar tuition in either electric or acoustic guitar. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Martin Custom X~12 string Dreadnought acoustic~electric guitar~PARTS~REPAIR. I make and repair guitars and other stringed instruments. Find Hobgoblin Music in London W1T. Delivered with a solid Gator case and with a nylon strap. Changes in weather such as temperature, central heating and humidity  as well as wear and tear on frets, nuts, saddles and strings can affect stringed instruments greatly. Guitar re-assembled, set of RotoSound Yellows (10 to 46) fitted (twists soldered on the three plain strings) set-up and intonated. Feel free to pick up a guitar, yeah even that $7,000 Strat! The U shaped folded baseplate supports the worm gear shaft which passes through two holes in the upright folds. All four controls show signs of the lubricant thickening.

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