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If none of these have been your dream name, don’t worry! Mix-bred Husky | Types, Name of Breeds, Pictures: A mix-breed husky is someone who has one parent from husky class while the other one from some different dog breed or animal specie, like wolves and foxes, etc. Let us know if you have any more suggestions below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. she has two different colored eyes. We’ve included male Husky names and female Husky names alike. Dog names that mean loyal. No human names please. meaning ‘one who protects and is wise’, a great word for an intelligent Siberian Husky who protects your family. Here are a few female names that would suit a Husky perfectly. (Full given name Ezekiel Storm), So sad hope he reterns if he does it will be a miracle, I’m looking for a male name for an husky puppy I’ve got a few I like malakai gaston miska Roscoe but not sure on them yet I will wait till I see him first then chose I no is mum is pure white husky n dad is white n gray. Was a great independent dog. Romeo who loved everyone and slathered you with kisses. We’ve compiled this list of the best dog names for a husky, but the choice is up to you. I have 2 females one white n beige 1icey blue eye the other is greenish brown she’s Leila . Diesel Charlie is a great example of the strength of Huskies as a breed. Below are some first names with Russian origins that could be perfect for your pet. I named my Male husky VERSACE ! Hundreds of ideas for your male or female that will compliment your dog's beauty. I am not looking forward to the day we have to say goodbye old friend, I have a 12 year old husky called Skimo , it’s just Eskimo without the E , his kennel name is Artic Bandit Of Tamar , a strong black and white husky with brown eyes . Also it’s not spelled like that just incase you dont know. Her name was Nikita. By now you probably have a whole long list of possible names. I’m thinking about getting one but I have a bad back and my hips all messed up. Thanks! That was the name of our late Doberman Pinscher. I was looking toward gizmo or Oakley. This was the construction of a camp to test construction techniques in Arctic conditions. a short and sweet English word meaning ‘well-watered meadow’. Names of some husky mix puppies are: Arehdel Primitive Dogs. She was 13 and she got arthritis in her hips and then her back. feel free to … White Huskies are a perfect reminder of the origins of these gorgeous dogs. We had three Huskies over the years. Kyoto Dakota 100 Names for Your Black Pup — Inspired by Pop Culture, Food & More – SheKnows Maybe none of the above names have inspired you. Here are a few examples: Siberian Husky Names Then we had two at the same time. All the names are places in Alaska. Malachi I looked on Daily Treat. Blue sea, I love these names. Huskies have many beautiful qualities which make them extremely desirable pets! HE LOOKS LIKE A DESIGNER DOG, HE’S A CELEBRITY. Siberian Huskies came to the Americas when they were brought to Alaska as working dogs during the gold rush in the early 1900’s. Female and because she came from south, she has a 1st and middle name: Eska-Mo, Kalev (means dog/loyal in Hebrew) he is red with crystal blue eyes…Timber I think is super cute. I have an all white husky and her name is Meeko! I don’t know why but for some reason I like the name Ever which just might be my next husky’s name. Top 100 Black Lab Names Nikko Our new little guy is black and white and we are thinking of naming him Samson or Maverick. Within a short period of time at the vets she passed away. I have a two yr old male siberian alaskan husky I named Juneau cuz its the capitol of Alaska He’s a silver/black/white gorgeous boy with one blue eye and one half blue/half brown. Faith (faithful) Irie (lucky) Joy (rejoicing) Katie (pure) Mabel (lovable) Nora (light and honor) Poppy (the flower) Willow (slender, graceful) Male Cute Husky names. Female Siberian Husky Dog Names. She was my best friend & my companion for 11 1/2 years. I just got my new puppy he is 2 months old, and this website helped me and my mom figure out his name. (2015) History of huskies and their origin. We have compiled a list of female Husky names that we believe reflects the mixture of cuteness and prowess commanded by these puppies, as some sound cute, but have powerful meaning behind them. Healthiest Dog Breeds: Which Dog Is Right For You? Blizzard He tragically died quite young. A comprehensive list of Female Alaskan Husky names is composed in an easy manner to facilitate dog lovers Remember, be creative, look around you, and you’ll find the perfect name that’s just right for your dog. I like Diablo and Bandit too though! There are hundreds of names that could be used for a white dog. He lived 16 years he passed away with our family by his side. What’s better than an exotic name that also reflects their origins? That concludes our list of female Husky names. One of the most striking things about the Siberian Husky is their beautiful white fur. We have put together some of our favorite quirky and unique monikers which we believe suit all kinds of Huskies. My female white husky Mila, just had 9 pups 5 white and 4 black and white. I didn’t want to go, 1/2 later the neighbor called saying we better check our dog she had something large in her mouth. Nymeria First one I name what I would have named my daughter – Morgan, and my second I heard an Hawaiian name and it stuck so I called her Akahna. Gizmo The name will not usually be the same as all the other dogs on the block such as Bella, Maggie, Rex, Buddy which is good when you have to search for them after their first escape. Names for Female Siberian Huskies with meanings. Black Husky Names. I still cry, I miss her so much. Also browse the comments below for some great names that our readers have come up with. Let us know what name you eventually chose for your Husky. We are about to foster another girl called Anna and she is 1 year old. Click the links below if you want to jump straight to one of them! Check the complete list of female husky dog names and male husky dog names. Before we get started we should look at the ground rules for naming a dog. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. I’ve been considering getting another Husky. My boys name is kato I usually look at city names, in the state or country, from the dogs origin. Or for the White one. I haven’t been dealing with the loss of her life very well at all. We’ve split the rest of our Husky names into categories. I think about Scout all the time, and I hope our new family member will bring additional happiness to us. I have a female husky which is brown and white called Nala, and a pure white male husky called Loki. my girl was named Narla she passed away from cancer late last year aged 12. Contessa She was gray and white with one brown eye and one blue eye. Onya It’s only been 6 months, so I can’t even think of getting another for a while. NANUK – polar bear in Eskimo, because he is pure white Here are some names that might suit the colour of your red Husky. Genesis: This is the name for a husky that is the start of every problem and disaster. Raelyn Summer: This was the name of the direwolf owned by Bran Stark in the Game of Thrones. WHERE EVER WE TAKE HIM, A CROUD GATHERS. Again, we’ll start with the Russian-inspired Siberian Husky dog names for females.

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