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Even though the term “student agency” is the new buzz word regarding our learners in the PYP, it really isn’t altogether new. Beautifully explained. Thank you for sharing this! It  has been an explicit expectation of the PYP for a while, that successful inquiry will lead to student initiated action as a direct result of the learning process, which in turn, extends the students’ learning. Kids trip out when you first have them help plan their own learning!  But they absolutely love it! However, small groups can collaborate to teach another small group a skill that we have been learning. The presence of a link is not an IB endorsement of the site and the IB is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. In my well-intentioned lessons, I miss their divergent comments, I offer a provocative question but rush their thinking time, or I give a factual answer when we should really marinate in confusion. The language of “moving away from/moving towards” supports teacher agency in making complex pedagogical choices.). Learner agency at Norris Academy develops leaders at all levels. -inquiry banks – a white board or large sheet of poster paper that can be used as a “bank” to note down our questions. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not a brand new change but rather a shift towards a greater emphasis of providing more deliberate autonomy for our students, thus developing leadership. The IB learner pro le represents 10 attributes valued by IB World Schools. In addition to the PLPs, we take time each term to set goals for our own learning and I like to keep those goals on display so that they are easy to refer to and right under ittle noses, thus keeping everyone accountable. It’s a learning and l’m already using traffic light sometimes in my classes. These are always popular. It is also a brilliant homework task –  choose something that you have learned this month and prepare a lesson for the class. Using success criteria and self-assessment helps them to make informed choices. I like to model it for the children first, using myself as the subject. How do we handle your personal data? The inquiry bank is a communal area where the children are encouraged to read others’ inquiries and answer them too. These Goal Setting activities are simple to print,  go and display. It is a move towards emphasising the importance of providing more autonomy to students, thus giving them an opportunity to develop leadership capabilities to act and bring about a change around them. It discusses some important pedagogical practices that support self-directed, mastery-driven inquiry. Embedding learner agency in school systems, curriculum. Learner agency can be remembered as “voice, choice and ownership” which Bandura says “enable[s] people to play a part in their self-development, adaption, and self-renewal with changing times” (in Learner Agency, IB 2018) The idea of agency is closely connected to self-efficacy, a belief in one’s own ability to succeed. There are many ways that we can start to bring more responsibility into the hands of our pupils. This article explores the complexities of learner agency. Thank you! Exploring the pedagogy that supports learner agency, Making real life connections in response to challenges, Engaging with learner agency as a community, A transdisciplinary approach to a Grade 4 unit of inquiry. Learner agency is a key feature of the Enhanced PYP. This was brilliant, very very helpful and written in such an ‘easy-to-read’ manner. Please feel free to comment below and add any other suggestions and ideas that you may have. And many more! This article explores the complexities of learner agency. Learn More . Thank you for letting me know. This learner profile helps a child to develop social skills, thinking skills, research skills, communication skills and self management skills. I have referenced this page – and acknowledged your ideas. So happy it’s useful for you Amal. Learner agency leads to increased feelings of competence, self-control, and self-determinism; and higher emotional intelligence. Johnna Noll Executive Director. Parents are encouraged to reinforce the attributes of the learner profile at home by recognizing when their child is … 🙂, Creating this mind-set early on is a win-win for all involved. IB PYP THE LEARNER. It discusses some important pedagogical practices that support self-directed, mastery-driven inquiry. The resources would be best printed on A3 (or larger size) or can be used as a quick reference document. I have done this successfully with reading, science and math inquiries. Join our IB PYP Educators group on LinkedIn. Use this page to help PYP parents understand the programme. Greetings ! With a learner-centred classroom the teacher becomes the facilitator of the learning and assessment, monitoring the action, the progress and checking in with the kids. Currently available: Beneath the iceberg, lies some powerful pedagogy. -reflection journals – as bullet notes, sketch notes, short paragraphs, graphic organisers ( focusing on teacher-guided specifics or free choice), sticky notes, pictures glued onto pages with thoughts/questions. In working with these five beliefs, we must (1) have a clear understanding of what they mean, and (2) be equipped with explicit strategies to make them a reality. It’s been a great help with simplifying student agency, and given me awesome ideas to create workshop material for our staff. Learn how to strengthen programme implementation by reviewing this previously recorded series of webinars. The opposite of a learner with agency is a passive learner. When you copy a link to an outside web site, you are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the outside web site(s). There’s been a great deal of talk about agency lately. But: what about teacher agency?. Developing Conceptual Thinkers, New to the IB PYP? Learn how your comment data is processed. © International Baccalaureate Organization. psychological safety – Students advocate for their own learning when they trust that their mistakes are valued and respected by their peers and teachers. We discuss the data that I have tracked, their questions and concerns and together we set goals for the following week. Learner Agency is widely discussed in education circles with growing numbers of educators producing articles on the benefits of building the capacity of learners. In my school district we adopted the five learning beliefs from Education Reimagined to help drive our district vision: competency-based; personalized, relevant & contextualized; learner agency; socially embedded; open-walled.. Learner Agency and Emotional Intelligence. To TEFL or not to TEFL? All the best with your workshop. Students with agency: Having read all of the above, you are no doubt thinking to yourself, ” Well, hey, I already do a lot of this.” And I would have to agree. This form of leadership can be viewed as deliberate, independent decision making for one’s own success or leading synergistically within a group. (There is another blog post that goes into more depth about actively engaging learners with a growth mind-set here.). The introduction of student agency is not a new change in the Primary Years Programme. This works very well with 5-7 yrs old kids. Customer • Materialis.c concept of life • Consumer of a large range of goods and services as defined by someone else • Always searching for the ‘perfect brand’ 3. Many thanks For example: These dichotomies often spark debate. We should perhaps remember that many unseen, but important, factors support autonomous learning. I’m also aware that many other things are also going right. And it covers so many of the APL skills! Developing Thinkers with the IB PYP Approaches to Learning Skills, Amazing Books for Developing IB PYP Thinking Skills, Strategies for Authentic IB PYP Inquiry with Distance Learning, Online Teaching with the IB PYP- A Starting Point, Developing Personal, Social and Emotional Learning within the IB PYP, FREE Video 3 Training for IB PYP Inquiry Teachers, 2nd FREE Video-Inquiry Teacher Training! However, they are of little consequence to classroom educators, working with children who need responsive, personalised guidance. Students are alive with purpose, passion and confidence. I’m so glad it was useful for you. We take data protection and data privacy seriously. It really all depends on your group of kids and how much autonomy they may have been exposed to prior. What is the Learner doing? Which, when you think about it, how can it NOT extend their learning? The International Baccalaureate (IB), formerly known as the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), is a non-profit foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and founded in 1968. It includes information about the. Thanks once again. We believe these attributes, and others ... Learner agency 1 The learner 1 BibliographyThe early learner 65 The PYP learner in the early years (3–6 years old) 6 Learning in the early years 8 Language development and play 13 In light of the new, enhanced PYP, there has been a great deal of recent discussion regarding learner agency.And that’s a good thing. Follow us. One way of thinking of learner agency is when learners have “the power to act”. When my classroom starts buzzing with rich, student-led inquiry, I know that learner agency is high. Student action looks like: It is no accident that the attributes of the Learner Profile are repeatedly showing up within this process. * fosters international-mindedness through the IB learner profile * promotes the development of student agency (voice, choice and ownership) for learning * prepares students to become life-long learners who take action to make a positive difference in their local and global communities This isn’t too surprising. This immediately gives them a voice. And it’s not the children, with strong opinions and giant questions, who lack motivation! After all, it’s a major component of the new, enhanced PYP.However, with the explosion of conversations surrounding this topic, many seem to think that it’s merely the latest buzzword in education. (3) Assessment in the early years. We conduct Outcomes research to investigate the impact of the programme on students, teachers and schools, and Curriculum research to support the development and review of our programme curriculum and pedagogy. When we witness agency in classrooms, it is truly thrilling. They direct their learning with a strong sense of identity and self-belief, and in conjunction with others, thereby building a sense of community and awareness of the opinions, values and needs of others. FREE Teachers’ Video Training Series. A direct connection can be found between self-directed learning, learner agency, and emotional intelligence. This blog may contain web addresses of web sites created and maintained by other public and/or private organizations. 9/30/2018 0 Comments Agency is the power to take meaningful and intentional action, and supports voice, choice and ownership for students, teachers and the wider learning community. Recently, I’ve been imagining leaner agency, as the tip of an educational iceberg – that is, the visible evidence of empowered learning – but not the whole picture of what facilitates autonomous, mastery-driven learning. I’m the reason that learner agency is not always unleashed. These links have been included by the authors of the articles who are independent of the IB. It makes a great display too. Get every new post delivered right to your inbox. The IB is not responsible for the information collection practices of non-IB sites. Some people prefer to use sticky notes, I prefer dry erase markers on a whiteboard. A staple of any PYP school is the student-led conference. Creating a high agency environment is a complex quest. See more ideas about Student, Visible learning, Student voice. If we want students to be risk-takers, we must allow teachers to be risk-takers. The answers are written beside ( or sticky note added beside) the inquiry. Til next time….. Courses in our schools are taught using the Gospel values of dignity and respect to ensure the best possible learning environment for each child. Within a learner-centred environment there is a lot more student participation with reflection and responsibility than in a teacher-centred environment. We apologize if you find that a particular link no longer works. IB PYP LEARNING and TEACHING. This takes about 60-75 minutes to complete a class in one sitting and I schedule it at the same time as our independent reading time, where the kids are working quietly on reading and related activities. Character development is fostered by incorporating the IB Learner Profile attributes and IB Attitudes into daily activities, routines and lessons. Best regards

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