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The parent's consent has gone and the retention becomes wrongful. Edema, joint swelling, arthralgias, myalgias and paresthesias may be clinical manifestations of fluid retention. favourther words, over 91% favored retention. Retention alone is not creative. h; (2) the retention of s between vowels; (3) the change of medial and initial d to 1; (4) the retention of medial f which became in Latin b or d; and (5) the change of Ind.-Eur. Studying is one of the best ways to increase your retention of information. Retention Payment means the occurrence of an event of default of a Clearing Member (as this term is defined in the Clearing Rules, hereafter a "Default of a Clearing Member") or a default of a Trading Member (which will be deemed to occur following the occurrence of one of the events listed in paragraph 2802/11 of the Exchange Rules, hereafter a "Default of a Trading Member"); retention of title clauses are not appropriate if your goods are to be processed or incorporated into something else. It was well known that proper names are usually transcribed from one language into another with a tolerably close retention of their original sounds. This is perhaps as good an apology as could be made for his character and 1 In his report on the Ionian Treaty presented to Lord Castlereagh at the congress of Vienna in December 1814, Sir Richard Church strongly advocated, not only the retention of Parga, but that Vonitza, Prevesa and Butrinto also should be taken from Ali Pasha and placed under British protection, a measure he considered necessary for the safety of the Ionian Islands. This intellectual discovery requires sensation and retention of sensation; so that sense (ea-Ono-Ls) receives impressions, imagination (0avravLa) retains them as images, intellect (Van) generalizes the universal, and, when it is intelligence of essence, is always true. Once the statutory retention maximum time frame has passed, you can destroy them as you see fit. 28 a to the dimensions characteristic of elephants, with the loss of the lower incisors (or with temporary retention of rudimentary ones), while at the same time a true elephant-like trunk must have been developed by the shortening of the lower lip and the prolongation of the combined upper lip and nose. He upset (1830) Cuvier's retention of the Cirripedes among Mollusca, and his subsequent treatment of them as an isolated class, by showing that they begin life as free-swimming Crustacea identical with the young forms of other Crustacea. Referring the collapse of the empire to the retention of feudal forms and to the action of religious animosities, Hegel looked forward to reorganization by a central power (Austria) wielding the imperial army, and by a representative body elected by the geographical districts of the empire. inflexible hours for lower paid staff are key reasons behind recruitment and retention problems. The main objection to the Hempel is the retention of liquid in the beads, and the consequent inapplicability to the distillation of small quantities. retention of urine in new-born babies due to shock of fast labor. Example sentences with "retension", translation memory. The retention, however, by Copernicus of the antique postulate of uniform circular motion impaired the perfection of his plan, since it involved a partial survival of the epicyclical machinery. A sentence of detention for a term not exceeding six months passed under either of those provisions. With this in mind, I led a team that looked at ways to boost retention, with particular focus on the early period. - First, pension systems… The Agent operates with a set of parameters defined by the data retention policy of the firm. The retention of nutrients in the soil; the retention of jobs in the city. She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on. It allows both the employer and employee to find a fit not just on capabilities but also on the culture which amounts to higher job satisfaction and greater employee retention. Five days later the representatives of the elected delegates had an interview in London with the colonial secretary, the duke of Newcastle, who informed them that it was now too late to discuss the question of the retention of British rule. Learn Ludwig. The retention list of example sentences with retention. It’s different from customer acquisition or lead generation because you’ve already converted the customer at least once. In the autumn of 1907, however, as the latter's retention of office became more and more improbable, it became evident that no other possible successor had equal qualifications. So he presided at the trial of John Claydon, Skinner and citizen of London, who after five years' imprisonment at various times had made public abjuration before the late archbishop, Arundel, but now was found in possession of a book in English called The Lanterne of Light, which contained the heinous heresy that the principal cause of the persecution of Christians was the illegal retention by priests of the goods of this world, and that archbishops and bishops were the special seats of antichrist. Define retention. 195+3 sentence examples: 1. It is difficult to separate the effects of retention and the influence of other socioeconomic and family factors that affect children. 2. Most of us tend to eat fa No matter how many contests and appreciation luncheons you hold, if your workers do not feel comfortable in their work place, your employee retention will be low. There are two requirements for each of these phases of sweat retention: hot enough weather to induce sweating, and failure of the sweat to reach the surface. The average of retention … If you are looking at employee retention projects, EAP's are a smart place to start. He was a distinguished educationist who fought for the retention of the Latin classics in the schools and instituted the celebrated catechetical method of St Sulpice. Retention; 1. In acute renal failure fluid retention can lead to hyponatraemia. ), the more noteworthy when one considers the tenacity of the savage talio and its retention, though with some modifications, in the Babylonian code. Since NSAIDs and pioglitazone are associated with fluid retention, concomitant administration of NSAIDs and Competact may increase the risk of edema. Monash University Retention and Disposal Authority, see table below for specific sentences related to research data). The only other types that merit notice are: (1) the Mozarabic Breviary, once in use throughout all Spain, but now confined to a single foundation at Toledo; it is remarkable for the number and length of its hymns, and for the fact that the majority of its collects are addressed to God the Son; (2) the Ambrosian, now confined to Milan, where it owes its retention to the attachment of the clergy and people to their traditionary rites, which they derive from St Ambrose (see Liturgy). The swindler was a pretentious man who claimed to be descended from royalty. 3. It contains less than 200 species, chiefly parasitic on or in algae and other water-plants or animals, of various kinds, or in other fungi, seedlings, pollen and higher plants. The enlarged cystic goitres show, in the distended vesicles, an abnormal formation and retention of this substance (fig. Minimal change disease is a form of nephrotic syndrome seen in children, characterized by swelling and weight (from fluid retention), foamy urine, and loss of appetite. 5. The power of graphic description of phenomena in the Hippocratic writings is illustrated by the retention of the term " facies Hippocratica," applied to the appearance of a moribund person, pictured in the Prognostics. However are not march cross-section snapshot population with less retention of eligible. Each row is related to a player’s activity in one day. In deed, were it not for their retention of the characteristic odontophore we should have little or no indication that such forms as Phyllirhoe and Limapontia really belong to the Mollusca at all. Although not accurate in the conclusions reached at the time, the value of the method of diagnosis is shown by the retention in modern medicine of the name and the practice of " Hippocratic succussion.". "Functional fecal retention with encopresis in childhood.". Where the body of a person who has died of an infectious disease is retained in a room where persons live or sleep, or the retention of any dead body may endanger health, any justice on the certificate of a medical practitioner may order the removal of a body to a mortuary and direct the body to be buried within a time limited by the friends of the deceased or in their default by the relieving officer. of safety lay in their retention of office. Any comparison of the treatment of biblical figures or events in the later literature will illustrate the retention of certain old details, the appearance of new ones, and an organic connexion which is everywhere in accordance with contemporary thought and teaching. retention synonyms, retention pronunciation, retention translation, English dictionary definition of retention. The public interest is not very large in the retention of such persons. However, the Government's data retention proposals still arouse consternation. 51. The payment will be costed gross and any, 25. Although Yasmin can help with water retention, all birth control pills have the potential to cause ankle swelling and other signs of fluid overload. But the prolonged controversy over the bill, and its withdrawal in the autumn owing to the refusal of the government to accept modifications made by the House of Lords in the denominational interest, made his retention of that office impossible, and he was transferred (January 1907) to the post of chief secretary for Ireland, which he subsequently retained when Mr Asquith became prime minister in 1908. To reinterpret all these features as mere symbols, the lumber of ancient days, is to avoid the problem of their introduction into the Temple, and to assume an advance of popular thought which is not confirmed by the retention and fresh developments of the old ideas both in the pseudepigraphical literature and in the literature of Rabbinical Judaism.'. Increasing the insurance company's product range increases client loyalty and client retention. For the retention of older cults under a new name, Mahommedanism supplies several examples, as when a forest-serpent of India receives a Mahommedan name (Oldham 128). Many people with heart problems suffer from fluid, 10. In today's Army, the family plays a major role in recruiting, retention, readiness and quality of life. The result in the vote against the development and for the, 28. The retention of the tropical pattern by the Highlanders is due directly to environment, since the kilt is better suited than trousers for walking over wet heather. 17), the use of leaven in sacrifices (25a), the retention of the sacrifice until the morning (25b), 5 and the seething of a kid in its mother's milk (26b); and en j oins the observance of the three annual feasts and the Sabbath (18a, 21-23), and the dedication of the first-born (19, 20, derived from xiii. employeel improve recruitment and retention, and employe relations. The following 201Tl indices were calculated: early uptake ratio, delayed uptake ratio, washout rate and retention index.

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