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Fan Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for fans of Scar and Zira 24631762. And his first choice is Nala. Cub Taka(Scar) and Zira. This explains why Vitani and Kovu look about the same age. Should we have an area for the 2019 movie? Scar soon plans to surpass Mufasa, Ahadi and his future king son Simba and become the king of the Pridelands. NO ONE knows what happened I think Nuka's parents are Scar and Zira. biological child (she just appears younger to me). Nice article you wrote. Vitani is Zira's but I don't know who her He refers to this also in a deleted scene:, "Hey...speaking of kings. invalid too ;3 It's been confirmed that Kovu is adopted. fan Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for fans of Scar and Zira 24631762. Who cares?! Ziza was betrothed to Nala. A full on fight broke out between them, until something stopped Tama. I agree with the Kovu one and besides did no one think that if Kovu some environmental/aging/grandparent influence that distinguishes as to why she'd kidnap a little girl. Perhaps Zira had already given birth to Nuka, when Scar chose her as queen.When Nala left, Scar could have chosen the only lioness who was truly loyal to him. Wouldn't it have been the very first thing he would have mentioned, in his argument as to why he should be king? Scar and Zira Club rejoindre New Post. What If Kion Was Scar And Zira's Cub Action. Nala would surely reach the same place in a few days as well? 1. a Genetic failure of a lion. Simba-Nala-kiss. pairing. That would be the only reason reign when hyenas were running all over the place? The Lion King Characters; True Biographies! In TKL2, both Kiara and Zira show that However, chew on this thought for a moment: Kovu, Kiara, and Vitani look all around the same age. after deeming him pathetic? Scar and Zira Club rejoindre New Post. related to Chumvi. Unless he could have inherited them from a grandparent? by females. But by this point, we know Zira is completely devoted Scar. Scar's son (as well as the movie repeating over and over that he Kovu or Vitani were Scar's they'd be loving their cousins! He is not Nuka and Vitani are usually accepted as his cubs, and Kovu widely accepted as not being related to Scar. With this argument, however, Scar could have mated Zira not long before Nala and Simba returned, leaving it open for Vitani to be related to Scar. I love it. Scar and Zira Club Join New Post. This Scar and Zira fan art might contain skin, skintone, nude colored, partial nakedness, and implied nudity. [...] If it did take Nala a week or two to reach Simba, surely it would have been impossible for Scar and Zira to have a cub in those few days, and then go on to concieve Vitani as well? This isn't true, because they definatly would have mentioned this in the movie. Zira mated with Chumvi. By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. isn't), then chances are that he ISN'T Scar's son! Zira and Her Cubs. Lot's of people think that Nuka is Scar's cub. have a 99.99% chance of having brown eyes. I was thinking...that since I am Scar's son..maybe I should be king! universe, so he doesn't really contribute here. Scar and Zira Club Присоединиться New Post. Notice how Its shown that Zira did care for Nuka, as any mother would. Vitani is the same age as Kovu, and kovu is the same age as Kiara, so that argument is poor Nuka... Well, I also believe that Vitani is Taam and Tojo's sire...but Zira Well, About the one Nuka not mentioning Scar as his father well, What Replied Scar. Scar remarked. well-thought-out arguments. This Scar and Zira fan-art might contain anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé. This Scar and Zira 粉丝艺术 might contain 动漫, 漫画书, 漫画, 卡通, and 漫画卡通. Scar and Zira as cubs. Zira is not implied to be Scar's daughter in any of the Lion King story archs. Kopa and vitani is also a fan Explore Fanpop. would be wrong if Kovu was Scar's cuz he falls in love with Kiara if son. Kiara's big brother so he would have to be Vitani's age or close like Zira showed her cubs the Pridelands and met Scar, Scar was surprised to see Zira again and they mated. Perhaps Scar was not willing to risk angering Zira by attacking her cub. Sorry for the lack of pictures! OK, lot's of people are confused about Zira's cubs; who their parents are and who they're related to. The only down side to this theory is that neither Zira nor Chumvi have green eyes, like Kovu does. well-written article with strong arguments; I hold a deep respect for Zira didn't have many friends, because during Scar's region it was hard to find friends. well nomatter what the movie. eyes and Kovu is actully youngest cuz Kopa likes Vitani when he's And a 25% Chance of inheriting the lesser Dominant Kovu, on the other hand, disobeys his mother since the first scene we added by DarkWolf14. So who is Kovu's father? related to either Scar nor Zira, and since there is no proof that My theory is that after having Nuka, Zira realized that she wouldn't be able to get a suitable king from Scar, so started looking for other males. You dont. I was thinking...that since I'm the...oldest...maybe I should be king! think Kovu and Nuka are half brothers cuz you're right about Nuka. Perhaps Nuka was from a different lion, which is why Scar rejected him as heir. Kovu: It was said throughout the movie that Scar wasn't his father, yet some people still seem to miss this! cannot be inherited from a grandparent. same universe) However, I do like the idea of Kovu being somehow females can rule. Kovu_Oat likes this. I also like the theory that Zira and Nala were once good friends but while Nala was off finding help, Zira had given up on her ever returning and so started to look up to Scar as a leader and thus was easilly influenced. TLKFan#1: Those are fan theories. Especially the Vitani part. This Scar and Zira fan art might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun. But out of the ashes rise a new era, lion and hyena work together. Scar was not exactly popular with the lionesses. The cry of one of her cubs. प्रशंसक Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for प्रशंसकों of Scar and Zira 24631428. What other males were roaming the land two years into Scar's Scar in chapter 7. This The lion king cubs kasanayan ng tagahanga might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. Both my grandparents have black brown eyes and only one of my I believe His headtuft is similar to Kovu's, and his fur colour is also similar. I should have been the chosen one! Tama shoved Scar away, and hurried over to her cubs. really closely related, in any case, so there could potentially be I've always liked the idea that Vitani is actually Nala and Scar's cub that Nala gave to Zira to look after before she went off to find help. they should've kept the scene! Should we have an area for the 2019 movie? Said a very concerned Zira. Zira bares Scar two cubs, but their son, Chaka, had died due to Mufasa throwing Zira off of him after her attacking, while Azra was a preemie. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Zira would not let Scar have her cub, no matter how loyal she was. Perhaps Kovu and Vitani are from the same litter. Mufasa Sarabi Simba Nala Kovu Kiara family gather together HD. younger than Kovu, but that would mean one of them couldn't be Zira's In my opion. It was kept a secret. And of course, a new queen is needed to help me rule." @Dudeofmeh: Actually, not all genes are strictly dominant-recessive were killed and zira found and toke him in. Scar decides that he needs a queen. I love it. Also, don't Though I share Seth2208's opinions, I must say that this was a very Scar-and-Zira-as-cubs. Why would Zira But soon after the death of Scar Zira had to be with another male, in fact Chumvi be younger because the theories say that when a child Chumvi Adult and Zira was Scar was dating (but does not take the theory that Simba is niece of Zira, that's another story), but good Chumvi mated with Zira and Kovu was born of them. After Nala rejects Scar, she runs away. This Scar and Zira 粉丝艺术 might contain 皮肤, 肤色, 裸色, 偏下体, 暗示裸体, skintone, 部分裸体, 隐含的裸露, 部分下体, and 隐含的裸体. gingapony123 and KingSimba4Ever9 like this. dad is. He then talks to Vitani, and after arguing a little, Nuka continues to say: "Ah! cousin? Chumvi. Scar and Zira Club 加入 New Post. People, almost everyone knows that Kovu is the son of Zira and It's only been the recent years that Vitani has really been debated about. "Just be careful Scar I don't want to lose you." yes. in love with Kopa and it would be wrong if she was Scar's like it She found Tojo, who gave her Vitani, but she wasn't suitable because she was female. Nice work! Vitani from Kovu. heir, doesn't mean she can't rule. red hair, meaning that if one parent has brown eyes, the child will This Scar and Zira kasanayan ng tagahanga might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. Nala, in this scene, is an adult, and there is no Zira in sight. "Kovu,Kovu,Kovu....Scar wasn't even his father...he just took him in..". অনুরাগী Art of Scar-and-Zira-as-cubs for অনুরাগী of Lion King Couples 31033825 پرستار Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for شائقین of Scar and Zira 24631428. during Scar's reign, it's up in the air. Other lionesses had cubs to take care of which made it much harder for them. OK, now that's out the way, let's start with Nuka. The scene first starts with Nuka walking in the outlands, mumbling to himself. Vitani: There are lots of theorys about her, one of them showing Nala as her mother. First, let's analyse some dialouge, shall we? پرستار Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for شائقین of Scar and Zira 24632632 Фан Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for Фаны of Scar and Zira 24632385. Scar pushed her off, and started to attack her as well. one of Zira's cubs are half siblings. I think that her father is Tojo, a lion from the comics. scar. Brown>>Blue>>Green. Add interesting content and earn coins. Like with Tojo, Zira probably found him and had a cub with him; Kovu. Explore Fanpop. The Lion King Characters; True Biographies! Add interesting content and earn coins. While she wasn't chosen to be tagahanga Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for fans of Scar and Zira 24631341. Why would she run off and mate with another lion, when she had Scar as a mate? I hope this artical has cleared up some confusion! Scar and Zira Club 加入 New Post. First things first, I think that Zira is definatly the mother of Nuka, Vitani and Kovu. Besides, how do you know Scar and Zira just left him to rot Actually, a lot of this could actually never be true. Vitani is অনুরাগী Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for অনুরাগী of Scar and Zira 24631762. This Scar and Zira tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ might contain da, màu da, nude màu, một phần trần truồng, khỏa thân ngụ ý, skintone, màu nude, trần truồng một phần, ảnh khoả thân ngụ ý, nakedness màu, and một phần khỏa thân. mufasa and sarabi. This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by The Lion King fans. Not connected : To be able to post a message site, you must be connected. Add interesting content and earn coins. fan Art of Scar and Vitani for fans of Scar and Zira 24632227 Scar with the hyenas. He only mentions that he should become king, because his the oldest of his siblings, and that he is very smart. Scar and Zira Club registrarse New Post. Surely if Scar was their father, wouldn't they call him 'Father' or 'Dad'? seem him in--you know, when Nuka was supposed to be watching him--and This makes it harder for them, since males will try to 1. happens rather frequently. (turn that equasion around to see which colour is least dominant), some people say that kovu mom isnt zira they say that his parents fan art. together they became Kovu. If he was her father, then where did Vitani get her blue eyes? Technically, blue and green are both recessive gene traits, just like Zira stood up and walked proudly to Scar's side. Scar was surprised to see Zira again and they mated. fan Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for fans of Scar and Zira 24631428. I think that blue and green are So I'm going to attempt to clear up all this confusion, by telling you my theorys on the three cubs. This Scar and Zira arte dos fãs might contain pele, tom de pele, cor de pele, nudez parcial, desnudez implicada, … So none of of Scar chose Ziza as his heir because he looked like Scar's queen Zira. Throughout the film, Vitan and Nuka always refer to Scar, as just 'Scar'. ", Again, he doesn't mention a word about being Scar's son. Once Scar took over the Pride Lands Zira has given birth to their second son Kion since Nuka died before his birth and once Nala returns with Simba things turn out different for Scar and his family. All the lionesses were hunting for food and water and trying to keep the hyenas away. This does sound logical (even I believed this for a while) but again, not true. Nuka: He is Zira's eldest cub. :) :SarabiHearts: I know right :KiaraLaugh: I love these two. Some may argue, that if a lioness mated with two different lions while she is still in heat, she could produce tWo cubs two different fathers. Learn more... Close X. You have a 75% chance of He had a clear opportunity to suggest that he could be king instead of Kovu, and surely, he would have used the best reason as to why he should? If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer :3, To give you the best experience, this site uses cookies. This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by The Lion King fans. inheriting the more dominant eye colour of your parents. Zira and Kopas cub. And lot's of people think that Scar is her father. Your theory is interesting, even if I disagree fan Art of Scar, Vitani and Zira for fans of Scar and Zira 24632226 Source: me. uncles(their son)has light blue eyes. A place for ファン of Scar and Zira to view, download, share, and discuss their お気に入り images, icons, 写真 and wallpapers. I'm the oldest! Age-wise, he could be the young couples. Also, Vitani Now, It took Simba a few days to reach the Oasis where he would live for the next few years. And so here I am to be the odd-ball to the fandom and present ideas as to why none of them are related to Scar. Scar and Zira Club cadastrar-se New Post. father. I watched the deleted scene. By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. No one knows for sure who their parents are. I am the smartest-!". No. To give you the best experience, this site uses cookies. However eye colour Zira was a good choice because she was a devoted follower. Let's start with the very introduction to Nuka and Vitani. Scar and Zira Images on Fanpop. mate with one of the lioness and take over the pride, but it still If Nuka was Scar's son, wouldn't he have mentioned so? huh! Vitani Nuka is Scar's and Zira's. Add interesting content and earn coins. I finally finished a set of lion king 2 figures I'm happy wi. kiara and kovu fox. Throughout the film, it is stated over and over that Kovu is not Scar's son. kidnapped her, thinking she was a boy. Kiara is Simba and Ziras cub. Learn more... Close X. I think Nuka is Nada and Chmus cub who was being abused. Scar chose Ziza as heir because Ziza looked like Scar's queen Zira. Shouldn't he have said: "Hey...speaking of kings. zira. Scar and Zira Club sumali New Post. was actually Scar's actually son then Kiara would be in love with her cheat on Scar with some genetic failure of a lion? This Scar and Zira arte de los fans might contain piel, tono de piel, color carne, desnudez parcial, desnudez implícita, skintone, color desnudo, nude color, and parcial desnudez. As Zira made her way down Pride Rock with her cub she told two lionesses what would be going on so they took Zira, Kion, and the other cubs to a cave near the Backlands while everything unfolded. with thing or two. friend Unas cub. Nuka doesn't mention anyting about ANY male that could possibly be his Scar and Zira Club शामिल होइए New Post. I'm the strongest! Why does nearly EVERYONE assume that a lioness can't rule?! 粉丝 Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for 粉丝 of Scar and Zira 24631762. added by purplevampire. 2. 2. rticles/Nuka_s_Father/332.html, I finally finished a set of lion king 2 figures I'm happy wi. I don't know why people think this, because realistically, would Nuka really be able to rule a kingdom (even though he is Scar's cub)? Nuka, on the other genes. wait scar has green eyes right? forget that he was treated badly after Scar and Zira started placing Scar had stepped on Vitani's tiny paw. huh!". 粉丝 Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for 粉丝 of Scar and Zira 24631428. This Scar and Zira آرٹ پرستار might contain ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک. Not connected : To be able to post a message site, you must be connected. added by purplevampire. si me hizo falta algo comenten porfa sus comentarios me seran utiles:) Theres always a lot of debate over whether or not Scar's cubs are his or not. I actually believe she MIGHT be BraBrief likes this. those are classed as official Plus, Kopa doesn't exist in the movie if he wasn't aloud to say it in front of them and Zira? Just a thought. 1. So not long after Vitani was born, Zira went looking for another male. fã Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for fãs of Scar and Zira 24631762. Zira told Ziza and Nala that they would someday be the king and queen of the Pridelands. kovu also has green eyes......and Scar took one step closer to Tama, but she started to growl. fan Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for fans of Scar and Zira 24631762. so I Well Kopa Simbas brother their from another pride. kasanayan ng tagahanga. Wouldn't have Zira taught them that Scar was their father, and he should be addressed as so? Vitani is Tama's and Tojo's cuz she has Tama's hair style and Tojo's she does exactly what Zira says without question until the very end? In my opinion, it's Chumvi, a lion from 'The Lion King: Six New Adventures'. Their lioness leader, Zira, has three cubs, two of which have a striking resemblance to Scar ( Nuka, Vitani , and Kovu ). If Vitani and Kovu are from the same litter, then how would Vitani be related to Scar, if Kovu wasn't? I agree with this theory, because both lions look similar to one an other. Zira is likely Scar's age considering her cubs are old enough to be his cubs, (even though they are not his cubs) and since Scar taught Zira about the Roar, and that would likely be during his time as leader of the Lion Guard. nice article!i can beleive most of it especially the vitani part, I believe most of this! During a very horrible drought, Zira, Ziza and Gira left Giza because Giza was dying, and Zira returned to the Pridelands with her cubs, Zira showed her cubs the Pridelands and Zira met Scar again. Scar paused while everyone took in the information, "The king is dead, and it is with a heavy heart that I proceed him. They both have the same colour mane, the same nose, and the same body build. :) :SarabiHearts: I know right :KiaraLaugh: I love these two. added by purplevampire. Scar and Zira Club شامل میں New Post. It was incredibly unhealthy, and for the most part, Scar showed no signs of reciprocation - simply viewing Zira as a pest. This Scar and Zira fan art might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun. added by purplevampire. Some people think that Nuka isn't Scar's because otherwise he would have been king instead of Kovu. wasn't suitable because she was a girl? 178 4 1K (1 Today) ... Zira knew Scar since he was a cub, and had from the very beginning an extreme infatuation with him. Cdpgirl-kopalover: If it's been confirmed by DISNEY that he's not And now, here is a (deleted) scene that was only released recently, that might also help back-up my point: Scar and Zira Club যোগদান New Post. Kovu and Kiara btw Zira is Kovu's mother and his dad is Chumvi. added by JosefS_girl24. so every Chumvi is his father (that as well as the fact they don't exist in the Some incorporate blending. Vitani's is adopted her real parents are Tama and Tojo cuz she falls Girl you made Bambi look amazing. There is no reason for her not to be. paige10967 likes this. Scar and Zira Club 登録する New Post.

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