Tired of veins popping up everywhere? Here’s the good news: you’re not the only one. Visible veins on skin are just another sign of aging, and one that can be easily dealt with if you know where to go.

Veins on skin appear as thin curvy lines, usually with a slightly bluish or purplish hue. These are called telangiectasias – a medically recognized condition. In most cases it doesn’t affect the body in any life-threatening way (it is NOT a deep blood clot). It creeps up over time and ends up causing an eyesore. Signs of telangiectasias include spider veins, broken vessels and leg and facial lesions. In most people the veins are most prominent in the thigh and around the knee areas, but can appear in other areas as well. It is also more common than you might imagine, affecting over 80% of women and a large percentage of men as well.

Laser Vein Removal

So why bother if telangiectasias aren’t that serious? You see, veins on the arms, legs and other areas of the body can severely limit fashion choices—and that’s never a good thing! People who are conscious of visible veins often choose not to wear anything that exposes those thin wavy lines. When the first priority in choosing what to wear is covering up ‘blemishes’ rather than flaunting your style, fashion choices can take hit. Newport Aesthetics’ Cynosure Icon Aesthetic laser treatment is a high-end laser that removes visible veins from skin so you can revive your inner fashionista!

With the our laser treatment, you will never feel the need to cover up anything again – well, within reason. Our treatments are administered at our state-of-the art facility in Newport Beach and performed by highly-trained clinicians.

If you’re conscious of noticeable veins, Newport Aesthetics has the answer. Our laser vein removal treatment is a modern solution that can reduce vein visibility on skin by up to 80%. Imagine being able to dress on your terms, without having to constantly feel conscious.

Laser Vein Removal Treatment at Newport Aesthetics by Dr. Ann Mai, M.D. in Newport Beach, California
Laser Vein Removal Treatment at Newport Aesthetics by Dr. Ann Mai, M.D. in Newport Beach, California

Fast, Easy, and Comfortable Vessel Treatments

Many different vascular imperfections can appear on your face, preventing you from looking and feeling your best. Laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) vessel treatment gives you one convenient solution to treat them all — quickly and with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Pulses of light target and erase broken vessels at the surface of your skin without harming surrounding tissue. As a result, you enjoy clearer skin that looks younger and fresher.

Laser or IPL vessel treatment can erase:

• spider veins
• broken vessels
• telangiectasias

Take years off your face with laser or IPL vessel treatments that deliver:

• Fast, easy removal of broken vessels and spider veins
• Comfortable, convenient facial treatment sessions
• Rapid recovery with no downtime
• Non-surgical vessel treatment that’s ideal for all skin types

Revitalize Your Legs With Laser Vein Removal

Unlike surgery that leaves scars, laser leg vein removal uses laser light to constrict blood vessels in the legs, causing the veins to visibly disappear. It’s a simple, clinically proven procedure for reducing the appearance of spider veins on your legs that gets you back on your feet quickly — and gets your legs back to their youthful appearance with ease.

Laser treatment for leg veins minimizes the appearance of:

  • Leg veins
  • Spider veins on the legs
  • Reticular veins (bluish-colored)

Rely on laser leg vein treatment for:

  • Excellent results for spider and reticular veins
  • Noninvasive vein treatment for leg veins
  • Short procedure time (often less than 30 minutes)
  • Minimal side effects and no downtime

before and after

Bare your legs again!

info + pricing

Treatments start at $250

A complimentary consultation is suggested due to complexity of this treatment.

Laser Vein Removal Treatment at Newport Aesthetics by Dr. Ann Mai, M.D. in Newport Beach, California

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