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We believe this helps consumers save time by only presenting the products with the best reputations. The class compliant feature allows this controller to connect to any computer system or device. At publication time this was the Equal Highest Rated 49-Key MIDI Controller Keyboard along with the Arturia KeyLab 49 MkII and Nektar Panorama P4. With a no-frills approach to control and performance, the Keystation 49 Mk3 prides itself on simplicity and utility, with 49 full-size velocity-sensitive keys with natural-feeling action. It includes everything you need to get started with MIDI controller-focused music production including a DAW and virtual instruments. We then used the scores to feature only the best of the best in this guide. Knobs and controls feel flimsy for some. 1, 2016. Depending on the MIDI controller, the buttons can carry a whole host of effects.In fact, the basic buttons of a MIDI controller are often some of the most customized controls–excluding transport buttons. This controller is also aesthetically pleasing with its RGB pads on the surface. 25, 2020. Midi Controllers have become increasingly popular to help expedite the workflow of music producers. The ROLI Seaboard Rise 49 is not your average MIDI Controller. For a traditional piano, the strength of the stroke can produce a wide range of volumes and timbres. 25 keys may not be enough for 2 handed playing with their octave range and 61 to 88 Key controllers may take up too much of your space, especially if you're running a home studio setup. If the keyboard feels bad, it's not fun to play and you’re not going to play as much. For one, they are ultimately an analog port from a piano which often leaves non-pianists ignoring them altogether. 49 Key controllers establish a nice middle ground between compact 25-Key controllers and larger to full-size midi controllers. It is easy to control the music and control the virtual effect as well. However, it should be expected that you will sacrifice some quality when you look for a deal, but the Nektar is actually surprisingly capable despite being the least expensive MIDI controller we reviewed. Designed for composers who are series about their compositions or for use by... #2 Akai Professiona MPK249 Keyboard. The brand’s specific architecture of the key action can very drastically such that one key action feels nearly identical to a true piano while another key action feels responsive without actually emulating the action’s feel with precise accuracy. With one single controller you can play saxophone, piano, organ, trumpet, bass, drums, guitar, and even add in vocals. In his MusicRadar review, Dan Goldman said the keyboard had "a nicely deep key travel and the well-balanced springy feel facilitates fast accurate playing, both for synth lines and sounds that normally demand a weighted action". 30, 2020. Keep in mind, as operating systems update, you will want your MIDI keyboard controller’s drivers to update as well, depending on the changes made to the OS. Whether that’s fully-weighted or semi-weighted will depend on your style of music and your budget. Incorporating 30+ ratings and reviews. The majority of musicians will agree that the Novation LaunchKey 49 MK2 claims that title. However, if you are simply looking for the best performing product, the Akai MPK 249 is a significant investment but can grow with you to the highest levels of skill and experience. Click the link below to find out the winner. Sine users wanted to have a bigger LCD Screen to display more information. This is... Arturia Keylab MKII 49. Basically, how well does your MIDI keyboard controller play with Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and any other operating system your device might use. One great option is Nektar’s Impact LX88+, which combines an 88-key semi-weighted USB-powered keyboard with extensive DAW control via nine sliders, nine buttons, eight knobs, eight pads and transport controls. Our selection criteria included all controllers that are widely available from major US-based music equipment retailers, this is to ensure we only recommend items that you can readily buy online or at any good local music gear stores. Most reviewers gave positive responses for its ease of use since it provided the essential controls they needed in a controller. 89 out of 100. Keep in mind, the software components are arguably the most important–especially considering that the MIDI controller does actually produce sound nor generally include a voice bank. 7, 2017. The synth action feels artificial which is only matched by the poor feel of the flimsy keys which themselves have dubious velocity recognition. The keys themselves are no slouch: a sweet spot hybrid between semi weighted and synth action gives it a responsive but familiar feel. Submitted by Jason Horton on May. If you look at the list of 49 key controllers in our Music Gear Database, you will see that most of them have lower ratings than the ones we have recommended. Some say that the keys can be a bit springy and stiff. The velocity of the keys refers to how sensitive the key action is to the force applied to it. They aren’t widely regarded as high-end MIDI controllers but they offer great value for money which makes them hugely popular. The keys themselves are full-sized and feel sturdy enough. However, those MIDI controllers are often some of the most expensive available. Best MIDI Controller Keyboard Reviews In 2020. Let’s talk about the keys first. However, that does not mean that you are simply stuck with using the DAW offered. Also able to function as a DAW controller, the Keylab Essential 49 sits well as the core of your music production workstation. Today’s MIDI controller market is flooded with an abundance of different options like keyboards and pads available at every imaginable price range. Unless you are looking to shell out some serious cash, the Akai MPK 249 is arguably one of the best all... 3. However, all of those control features can come at somewhat of a cost. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. We did the research and found the best of the best from the latest reviews and ratings up to the end of the first quarter of 2020. However, some people may have different preferences on the size or texture of the buttons but rarely does that end up being the deciding factor. PRICE Facet Value £50 - £100 (1) £50 - £100 (1) Facet Value £100 - £200 (25) £100 - £200 ... Korg MicroKey Air 49 Key Bluetooth MIDI Controller. The MIDI keyboard does not have any rotary controls that let you manually modify parameters from recording software. How can 8 keyboards with so much price difference, all have gearank scores at either 89 or 90? This quality of software integration actually has little to nothing to do with how the MIDI controller interacts with your DAW–for once. This screen blows even the Akai out of the water and features numerous display formats to keep track of all of your current DAW settings. These are dedicated buttons to control standard DAW recording controls such as Play, Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward etc. The best MIDI controllers are compatible with most professional DAWs on the market, and some might even offer incredible flexibility for indie DAWs or lesser used models. 49 key keyboards are usually the most popular among producers since they offer a good compromise between portability and performance. £119.00 Korg NanoKey Studio Mobile MIDI Keyboard. Weights have now been added as requested. We are picking out our overall top 10 MIDI controllers available in 2020. While not completely replicating the genuine feel of an analog piano, a fully-weighted key action comes exceedingly close. The Arturia Keylab 49 MkII features the same aftertouch-sensitive keybed used in Arturia’s flagship MatrixBrute. Reviewers note the Keylab 49 is inspiring with the keybed's incredible feel and response. It is a little known secret in the music production industry that Novation has become a... 2. However, the waterfall profile is often used as it allows the fingers to easily slide off the keys. Top 5 – 49 Key Midi Controller Reviews 1. A thoughtful feature is that it also works as a MIDI interface - you can send MIDI data from your DAW through the P4 to control other MIDI hardware. Submitted by Jason Horton on Jul. Both users and experts found the the keys to be responsive and have a rigid feel. What the musician sees however is a veritable array of controls for a great amount of tweakability. Keystation controllers have been around for some time and you’ll never find a MIDI controller review article without one, or at least you shouldn’t. The action of the keybed refers to how closely to an analog piano the keys of the MIDI controller feel when played.Generally, the closer to a true piano the keys feel, the more expensive the MIDI controller. For instance, the VI 49 comes in two different configurations, each boasting their own advantages and disadvantages, however, both products suffer from a complete absence of sliders which is one of the more standard type of controls found on pretty much every reputable MIDI controller. More than anything else, the modern MIDI controller’s software integration is arguably the most important factor. M-Audio offered an impressive MIDI controller to compete with the Akai 249 when they released their Axiom model. PRICE. The 2017 version of this guide has now been published above. In terms of its function, arpeggiators are actually a VST or plugin that is applied by the DAW to the track. Hopefully, our comprehensive buyer’s guide provides you with more than enough information to fully understand what makes a MIDI controller tick, what makes one feature better than another, and which features are most relevant depending on your level of experience. These are seriously cool, but usually only found on larger than 49 key controllers, but the Nektar Panorama P4 above does have this feature. This affects its overall roadworthiness. Some people had trouble with less popular DAWs with regards to integration. The design of the Novation 49-key MIDI keyboard controller is such that you can easily customize your sound to suit your purpose very well. People who are used to using a keyboard who have actual experience with an analog piano are likely to place a prime importance on the quality of a MIDI controller keybed. Still, there are points where the key’s feel may produce legitimate concerns. At publication time this was the Equal Highest Rated 49-Key MIDI Controller Keyboard along with the Arturia KeyLab 49 MkII and ROLI Seaboard Rise 49. If you would like to read the meta-reviews of the controllers that were in the 2016 version but didn't make the list this year, then check out: Submitted by Jason Horton on Feb. 2, 2017. 13, 2016. We earn advertising fees from: However, they are also somewhat small compared to competitors’ pads and arranged in a line rather than a square. At first glance, all the buttons, lights, knobs and screens would look overwhelming to the untrained. Easier mapping is also a bonus if you intend to customize its functionality. Further details: How Gearank Works. It is … We recommend all products independently of 3rd parties including advertisers. For one, the keys use a synth action that is not especially responsive–either in terms of the feel nor velocity. You also may have problems getting enough power from the iPad which only provides 100mA instead of the USB 2.0 standard of 500mA. It does not need to actually be heavy, but since you will be pressing it with your foot–potentially while standing–you definitely want it to be able to handle far more pressure and force than the other controls. It is relatively easy to get used to the different feel of the keywaves according to some users. All I know about the M-Audio CTRL-49 is what I've read about it and some videos from NAMM - it certainly looks good and packed with features and I'll be looking forward to seeing how well it is received when it finally hits the stores. Getting the best MIDI controller for your creative needs will take your DAW software to new heights. Some MIDI controllers may offer an excellent map of the DAW’s functions, but their actual controls do a poor job of controlling them in as easy a manner which can lead to a host of frustrations–though not outright failures in most cases. Deep customization options, great information readouts via the 5 screens, great tweakability are just some of the pros reviewers gave the 49SL. If you need one for portable use with a laptop or tablet then you need one that uses batteries or takes its power from USB, however USB power comes at the cost of draining your device's battery more quickly. Specifically, if you are looking to custom map the controls–and with this many controls why would you not–then you are going to have spend a considerable amount of time with them. Don't let the "Essential" wording fool you: The Keylab Essential 49 has numerous features that help accelerate your workflow and productivity. Submitted by Jason Horton on Apr. Modulation and pitch wheels are rubberized and they provide you with direct, simple note manipulation. As always, if there is a controller that you feel we should consider adding to this guide, and it's not already in our database, then please let us know in the comments below. Specifically, the key action for keys that play bass notes should feel heavier than the key action for keys that play treble notes. Instead of mechanical keys, it employs the company's proprietary "keywave" design: A set of raised portions where keys would be but are more "squishy" than stiff. However, the number of arrangements and brands of MIDI controllers make selecting one a daunting task. I ranked the 49-key version of the Novation Launchkey at #4 in my earlier guide to the best 49 key MIDI controllers. Check Price On Amazon We provide further explanation in How Gearank Works. Submitted by William M (not verified) on May. Users say build quality and materials could be better. Many companies have failed at making truly special 49 key keyboard controllers, but the following 5 keyboard controllers are the best of the bunch. The Final Word on the Best 49-Key Midi Keyboard Controllers The transition from a 25-key to 49-key MIDI controller is not just about the number of keys or features in the instruments. It also comes bundled with a DAW and great sounding software synth sounds. Incorporating 325+ ratings and reviews. The Novation Launchkey 49 Mk2 has increased it's Gearank score to 86 which means that we can now recommend it. If you're looking for a different experience with keys and are looking to explore new dimensions in expression with your keyboard playing, the ROLI Seaboard Rise 49 is the key (no pun intended) to unlocking new creative directions. However, it does require a fair amount of proficiency to achieve the myriad results with any consistency. This factor is arguably the least important when it comes to the keybed as it does not actually affect the player’s ability to control the sound.However, for certain music producers, a poor quality feel of the keys may cause a distraction which can affect their ability to play. Software Integration. Each with a bunch of different features, making it difficult for anyone, especially beginners, to decide which one would be best suited for them. SRC = Sources, number of gear owner and user opinions analyzed to produce a product's Gearank Rating.

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