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While tropical waves in the rainy season can dump incredible amounts of water in a short time -- for example in Belize last month there were record floods … The fall sees the most intense period of Belize’s rainy season. See instructions. Rainy Season The rainy season (aka wet season) runs equivalent to Belize’s low tourist season, which is from May to mid-November, however, it’s usually most rainy in September and October. How bad is rainy season/is there a chance of a hurricane? Most expats will say they don’t mind rainy season. The current weather brings a taste of the rainy season in San Pedro Belize. Technically speaking, Belize has a high and low season, which ties directly into the “dry” and the “rainy” season. The rainy season runs equivalent to Belize’s low tourist season (May to mid-November). Being in Belize during this time can mean that your sunny days can be unexpectedly ruined by rain showers. So, that’s something else to keep in mind. Expect occasional showers from June to mid-November and strong winds. There are exceptions but they tend to be rare. The farther south you go, the wetter it will be, with Punta Gorda the southernmost part of Belize getting around 160 inches of rain a year, compared to only 60 inches for Corozal. does it rain constantly or does the rain come in bursts and the sun comes out? I've looked around and have heard conflicting news about the weather and wind in Belize during the rainy season. Visit Belize in Summer (Temperatures range from 83- to 86-degrees F daily) Forget overblown talk about rainy seasons and dry seasons! what is the rainy season like? I was thinking about planning a trip to San Pedro for my honeymoon, upcoming the end of May/beginning of June. The early months of May and June when rainfall is just getting underway, are a good time to travel to Belize as you can escape the tourist rush and hotel rates tend to be lower. The summer months are in the wet season, but rainfall varies significantly by location in the country. The road is very dusty and is best described as the longest washboard roads in the country of Belize. In early October, our friend (and scientist extraordinaire) Valentine Rosado lamented that in the last month of our rainy season, we were already getting our first “Norte” in Belize. In August and September, it rains a lot more. :( We were scheduled to do ATM cave but were cancelled due to unsafe high water conditions. Here’s the real story: though the green season is renewal time in Belize, rains don’t pour down day and night and there has been no sighting of an Ark carrying an old guy plus pairs of animals of late. If there’s standing water, count on attracting them. One other thing you may have noticed is that Belize’s rainy season occurs during … We want to put your mind at ease as to why there is never a bad time to visit Belize. The overall average rainfall in Belize is 60” in the North, but up to 160” in the far South. Periodic showers, usually at night, make this the "green season". posted by smackfu at 6:01 PM on May 12, 2009 Hurricane Season/Rainy Season: Technically June 1 to the end of November, the season generally doesn’t really get rolling until the end of August. Taking into consideration the fact that Belize City has been struck by two hurricanes, tourists need to be aware of the possibility of the hurricane, especially during the hurricane season from June to November. I’m a huge fan of big cats, and we’d selected our hotel (the Jaguar Reef Lodge, subject of a separate post here) based on its proximity to the park, about 25 minutes away. It’s all relative. Rainy season is one thing, but hurricane season is another. During our recent trip to Belize, our #1 priority was to visit the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. I highly recommend sticking to the Southern Highway when travelling south. Ashcroft Related Plan For Belize City Cruise Ship Terminal In Doubt? Belize is a nice country for those adventure types who want to explore it; however, it has plenty of dangers. Marty Casado Tue, Jun 11, 2013 Field Guide to the island , Health , Nature - Flora & Fauna , Weather and Climate 0 31859 The mosquito season starts about the start of rainy season, say June 1 or so. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Belize is considered to have a subtropical climate and has both dry and rainy seasons. San Ignacio: Belize in the Rainy Season - See 36,187 traveler reviews, 6,045 candid photos, and great deals for San Ignacio, Belize, at Tripadvisor. In June 2009 for example there were some heavy rains in late June that closed the Kendal Bridge on a couple of occasions, cutting off Southern Belize from the rest of the country. The mosquitoes and other insects in Belize are not as bad as everybody would think because we're a tropical country. When the rainy season does start, it can start with a bang, with some really heavy rains. The dry season spans from December to May and the rainy season is during the months of June to November. Thanks, Scott ... Belize Sees an Opportunity on Breaking Bad Pashley 14:49, 24 August 2013 (UTC) Replacement of image . June through December marks Belize’s wet season, when parts of the country receive up to 150 inches of rain and the heavy, sometimes wild storms associated … The official rainy season runs in Belize from May to October. It has many names – the low season, the off season, hurricane season but around here on Ambergris Caye, it’s generally called the rainy season. We do get more rain in the south of Belize (where Placencia is located) than up north, especially during the rainy season. Would not go back at that time. Thankfully the rain has stopped for now but it is rained so heavy between last night and this morning that many of the back roads have turned into waterways. For Belize, this rainy season also goes into December. What is the best time to visit Belize? Earthquakes and flooding are also some of the problems in the rainy season. Being in Belize during this time can mean that your sunny days can unexpectedly turn into a rainy day. I was in Costa Rica in July in the rainy season, sorry, the "green season". The best time to visit Belize is from late November to mid-April, during the country's dry season. The hurricane season also takes place during these months. Beware of the Hurricane Season . We then scheduled this tour through the operator. Water warms up to +28°C (82 °F) off the coast. If you're traveling in Central America's hurricane-prone region, such as the Caribbean coasts of Belize and Honduras, pay attention to the news and heed any storm warnings. The rainy season runs from June to November when annual Belize rainfall is highest. If you want to beat the rush of tourists and don’t mind getting a little wet, go during the rainy season in September and October. August, September, October, often into November, like in much of the Caribbean, the weather and the sea are warmer, the air more humid and there is … But the good thing is that, during the rainy season, it usually rains at night. Rosado explained that many people don’t know that our region has three seasons. Those first and last months are not so bad, it rains a bit more often, but there are generally enough dry moments. It will shake your dentures out. We got back from a land trip to Belize last night - rainy season is supposed to run from summer through November 30th. Hi, everyone. When is the Mosquito Season in Belize? This is not a lifetime of research but a decent sample size Crime in Belize — How safe is Belize? The trade winds slack off and it gets extremely hot and humid. Belize Introduces Measures To Combat COVID-19 Surge, Peoples United Party Wins Belize General Elections 2020. In April there are even fewer rainy days, the air warms up to +31°C (88 °F) during the day and is cooled to +21°C (70 °F) at night. These warnings are the most common things reported by visitors to look out for in order to avoid harm. In the middle of the trip, it rained for 4 days straight, and then was cloudy half the time when we got to the beach. June, since it is only at the start of the rainy season, really isn't a bad time for bugs in Belize, and as I say depending on where you are you may not even see a mosquito. The rain showers during the day are usually brief and intermittent and do not normally hamper outdoor activities. Also, keep in mind that Belize’s hurricane season is during this time and a potential hurricane can make your vacation run … The other factor that plays a crucial role in determining the high from low season is weather. I did about a year of research on Belize before moving here, then asked a thousand questions to expats who lived here, and then have lived here pretty much since February. The Belize hurricane season is the worst time to visit because the average rainfall jumps to one of the highest levels of any destination in the Caribbean. We had a serious and surprise tropical storm 7 or 8 years ago on June 1st. Due to the condition of this road, It really does take a long time to travell it. There are times that they are more rampant than others, but it's all about having the right bug spray, the right gear, and the right clothing based on the specific area where you are. rainy season . More frequent and more intense tropical waves sweep ashore, and monthly rainfall totals are the highest of the year. Dring the rainy season it is in worst condition. Conclustion of Belize Lobster fest 2021 --Lan Sluder It begins in June and runs through November. . The good news is that unless there is a tropical storm, showers usually only last an hour or two. The further south you go, the more rain. Unfortunately, it rained almost the entire time we were there. My fiance and I are both enthusiastic scuba divers, and are worried that the weather conditions, specifically the wind, would make it difficult to dive. Log in, Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Mosquitoes and sand flies If you choose to vacation in Belize during rainy season (June to November), you’ll find the environment is similar to cities like Miami, Houston and New Orleans where proximity to water, high temperatures and humidity attract both of these annoying creatures. The hurricane season in Belize is similar to the one for the entire Caribbean. In May Belize is preparing for the rainy season, the number of rainy days increases slightly, the average precipitation for the month is … Punta Gorda is best known for a robust Maya influence, great fishing, laidback lifestyle, and lush landscaping. Philip Goldson Int’l Airport (Belize District) and Cooma Cairn (Belize Mountains):Belize Inland Central Farm Cayo District Hi everyone!

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