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I figured it was more important to show what could go wrong, since it could easily happen to anyone! share. I would love to know! They’ve already cut back on some questionable claims (such as this claim about raspberry oil), and the fearmongering “influencers” that they used to reference are now gone from their site.Still, it would have been more responsible if they were more careful about their references and claims since the beginning. Some of these ingredients do have negative effects on the skin, but it’s not as clear-cut as how Drunk Elephant makes it out to be. Skincare Alert: The Timeless Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum Got a Packaging Makeover, Get Unready with Me: Skincare Routine in Hong Kong, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sY244Q-lr0&t=219s. Thus, if you are the person who is trying to amplify the beauty level of the skin and make sure that the person is able to get … Plus, for less than half the price of C-Firma, you’ll get 0.15oz more product. Since the brand offers a variety of sizes, from it’s adorable “Littles” collection to its full size options, you can choose whichever size suits you best. As mentioned above, Drunk Elephant uses both natural and synthetic ingredients, so it’s not one of those brands that assure product safety under the premise of all the ingredients being “natural.”The brand really only chooses its ingredients based on how they will benefit the skin, support the effectiveness and integrity of their formulations, and biocompatibility. ​If you’re adventurous or just plain fed-up with the wrinkles on your face and have thought about botox, then you need to try this baby out. Consider this a glass of water for your thirsty skin. Drunk Elephant's specific formulation also has what the brand calls a "reservoir effect," meaning it stays active on the skin for up to 72 hours (even after you wash your face). Drunk Elephant prides themselves in being 6-free, so no silicone, essential oils, chemical UV filters, alcohol, or fragrance/dyes. Both the concentration of actives and the formula’s pH are clearly indicated on the label. Again, no. The thought of applying antioxidants all over my lips sounded really promising. Can you use Drunk Elephant products with other skincare brands? The product packaging is also very convenient to use: the Drunk Elephant line impresses with bright colors and the adorable elephant logo! This dupe is a natural cleansing oil that’s made with all-natural ingredients and is safe for daily use. I decided to shoot this all in one go, even after I accidentally messed up in one of the three. Best Copper Peptide Serums – Is It Really Like Botox? I’ll also share with you what I think about all the Drunk Elephant products that I’ve tried so far, their pros and cons, as well as how they changed my skin. But it also has vitamin E and peppermint oil for that refreshing feeling swipe after swipe. Above it all, though, reusing Drunk Elephant packaging (or any packaging!) With its Instagram-friendly packaging and promise of cleaner ingredients, Drunk Elephant has become one of the hottest skincare brands on the market today. So, if you have sensitive skin or are new to chemical exfoliation, I recommend that you either do a patch test before using this on your face or start with something that’s less concentrated—much like the dupe that I found. As Drunk Elephant’s very own Vitamin C serum, C-Firma is undoubtedly one of the most popular products from the brand to date. Anyone who’s used Drunk Elephant‘s products can attest: their packaging is a dream, and there’s a very specific pain in your soul when you squeeze out the last pump. But just because the product is gone, doesn’t mean you need to toss the packaging—much to the contrary! It has hyaluronic acid, safflower seed oil, and green tea extract to complement the effects of retinol. The term YMMV (Your mileage might vary) wasn’t coined for no reason.To me, this is an unwarranted tactic to promote brand purity. In a recent social media ad, The Ordinary took an obvious jab at fellow skin-care company Drunk Elephant (the beauty brand behind the fan-favorite T.L.C. Have you thought of reusing Drunk Elephant packaging before? By, Oct 24, 2019 / The best Drunk Elephant dupes contain similar or identical ingredients as Drunk Elephant products, and achieve similar or identical results, but they cost well under $40. By convincing your body that it has lost collagen, it then starts to produce more in compensation. Lastly, although I’m a fan of the original formula the most, I do appreciate the wide variety of flavors that it comes in. By, Dec 06, 2019 / Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any public information on Drunk Elephant’s sustainability, environmental, and social initiatives. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a retinol cream that doesn’t trigger any sort of irritation or redness. Casting doubt on other skincare brands to push people to buy their entire line isn’t completely surprising from this brand or any other brand, but I believe that this can be done in a better way. The C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream boasts five vitamin C derivatives, eight peptides, and cucumber extract and promises firmer skin around the eyes. Drunk Elephant has garnered a near-cult following since its launch in 2014 without the help of ads or celebrity co-signs. If you’re a skincare lover like me, you’ve probably already heard of this much-raved-about line of products—and we’re talking about none other than Drunk Elephant Skincare. When I want to test a new vitamin C serum, I simply reuse my C-Firma packaging. 00 ($6.40/Fl Oz) We’ve all probably heard about Burt’s Bees at some point. I mix this in … When you walk into any major beauty store or counter, there's no mistaking the best Drunk Elephant products for any other brands. I also love how jam-packed it is with nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, peptides, kale, passionfruit, and winter cherry.I would honestly recommend this product only to people with sensitive skin. I'm a huge fan of Drunk Elephant's products. It can boost collagen production and relieve redness without feeling overly greasy.As I said, I’m probably never going to spend $72 for a bottle of oil ever again—especially after I discovered the cold-pressed marula oil offered by Newday Essence. In fact, Pepha Tight is a purified extract from microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata combined with polysaccharides that provides immediate tightening to the skin and superior long term skin firming effect. It has aloe extracts to help soothe the skin and fight off irritation. Different people react to products in different ways. Besides the obvious visual appeal, one of the reasons I love their packaging is that it’s perfect for storing air- and light-sensitive products. Receive notifications of new posts by email. We create effective Packaging through impactful and clutter breaking expressions of the brand’s promise and benefits in a consumer friendly design solution. What other brands make high quality packaging worth reusing—or not? Now, for the part most of you probably went here for: Drunk Elephant product reviews and dupes! Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson controversially claims in her founder’s note:“A routine is only as good as its worst product, a product only as good as its worst ingredient.

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