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Is there anything that will overcoat the dark stain with a lighter colour please? And for the best protection an exterior oil to go over the top will help to give moisture repellency Barrettine Garden Furniture Oil is a great option for most wood types. If the wood has dried out then the first recommendation would be a preservative to help to prevent mould, mildew and rot. Hi I have purchased a wooden framed gazebo it has been stored for three years. View all: No Nonsense Woodworm Treatment £ This includes but is not limited to dog kennels, chicken sheds and houses, horse stables and more. It requires two very thin coats for application and so a little goes a long way and is not suitable on rough sawn wood. Exterior wood is risky stuff. For low maintenance and a natural finish you could consider the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra this is a clear oil that soaks into the surface of the wood and enhances the natural colours and grain of the wood. So far, all this pine has been treated with linseed oil, inside and outside, but having just discovered your excellent website we are wondering if we should be using a different product. To help stop the water penetration I was thinking of filling the cracks with an exterior filler – would this be sensible to do? Always try a test area first. The sun is out and temperatures are on the rise. If you take a look at these products and feel free to get back to me via our contact us page if you have any further questions. I cladded a garage a few years ago with waney-edge Larch and it is a beautiful wood and very hard wearing and resilient which is why we chose it. Geoff. I am here to help should need any further advice. Hi.Ive just had a new shed put up today .They said it had been treated for rot and fungi but I need too put a water base treatment too water tight it .what would you recommend as also wants it clear or natural wood as dont want a colour. Thanks Sandra. We have a green oak framed extension and use the Osmo UV on that – it looks great and is doing a good job. I have just had a new decking built. FRX ® pressure treatment extends proven fire retardant performance to exterior applications directly exposed to weather. I know i will add preservative first, but what concerns me is what paint/protection to use that are compatible and UV stable. In terms of what to apply over the top to protect it will depend on the current finish, perhaps if you could let me know if it is like a paint or surface sealer ? I can show a picture of how it was if that is possible to add. Although marketed for Decking it is very versatile and as long as it is applied thinly will also give great protection to your wood. For the best protection of exterior woods, we nearly always recommend a two coat system. Areas of wood with pots on can be susceptible to damage and its worth taking then off periodically to clean the area and remove any dead flower petals or leaves. I assume to avoid sanding I will have to keep the wood natural- looking, and not paint it with a colour? Thanks Tracy. The key benefit of this type of product is that they are very easy to apply and maintain. If you take a look at those two and feel free to get back to me if you have any further questions or you can use or contact us page. Spese di spedizione gratuite per ordini superiori a € 15. What do you advice . I want to build a contemporary horizontal slatted fence using planed softwood timber, in 3×1 slats. Do iI have to continue using more Creocote or can I now use any oil based protection, stain? Hi – I have some old pine floor joists I want to use on top of some concrete posts as a deck. Transparent Penetrating Oil-Based Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain Clear Tint Base Model# 450001 $ 29 98 $ 29 98. Colleen. I constructed a pergola and rather that shingle I used fiberglass. These oils will offer a moisture repellent finish to the wood, however, no finish will prevent scratches or dents, if the wood is impacted with some force it will still dent no matter what product you apply. I would recommend looking at the Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative this is available in clear or coloured finishes and will give great protection to your fence. When talking about exterior wood finishes, there’s always an assumption that it’s about the decking, garden shed or fence. Woodcare treatments are used to extend the life of wooden surfaces. For a paint to go over the top you could have a look at the Cuprinol Garden Shades you may find that you need and extra coat for full coverage and again test areas will show this. What would you recommend? When the wood has weathered and you are ready to apply a finish you could have a look at the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra this is a penetrating oil for exterior woods that will slow down the silvering effect of the sun. Properly maintained exterior wood doors make a beautiful addition to any home, increasing both aesthetic and market appeal. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. The Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment is a good option. I worry that some sanded areas may have exposed the untreated wood beneath. We have just put up contemporary horizontal slat fences from Grange which are described as pressure treated ‘Green Timber’. Exterior Wood Cladding Treatment & Finishes. The cabin website says i need a micron thickness of 80-120um of protection?? Please note, both have their own unique characteristics and benefits. Wet or Green Oak has a high moisture content. A wood preservative protectes the wood from biological threats such as mould, algae, wood rot and insect attack whereas the oil protects protects and nourishes the wood, protecting it against moisture, cracking, splitting and warping. They will simple wear away naturally and give a shorter time span of protection. Or is it better to use linseed oil – if so raw or boiled? This is our best oil in terms of slowing down the silvering process. I have a black fence painted in cupinral fence life + with the blue lid. Regards, David. Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. FRX® wood can be used outdoors, but is intended only for above ground uses. Hi, I am building a 4x2x2 shed and thinking of using either osb 3 or ply to construct it. The wood is ‘green’ this means recently felled and will have a high moisture content. I want to give all the pieces a coat, let dry then construct it the Finnish off the coats. thanks Is it ok to paint Sadolin Superdec onto new timber that has just had a covering of Thompson’s water seal? Always try a test area first. Unfortunately, there’s no single product that is better than another for every project and type of wood. This is of course dependant on the type of wood you are applying to and if you have further details feel free to send via our contact us page. Ash. The north face is ok but the south has taken a beating from the sun and cold winters and will need sanding completely and re-protecting I am planning to finish a garden room/office with (untreated) red wood tongue and groove cladding, which I will then treat with a wood preserver and finish with oil/paint. It has been suggested to protect this beam with linseed oil. It has 4 fairly large wooden bench tables which although are old are sound, so i want to brighten them up and give them protection. You can also increase the protection to the door by applying a preservative first , such as Osmo WR Basecoat this will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot. Italiano; Search … Search. Thank you for getting in touch with your question. Thanks John. It is made from untreated pine and will house a hot tub. Trustpilot. Many of our products are safe once dry, its just during the application period that you have to take care. Again full stirring for at least 5 minute to ensure the pigment is evenly distributed. Thank you for your inquiry. If there is anything further you would like to ask or you do wish to discuss further you can email me on wood@finishes.direct. Then two coats of a Decking Oil, this penetrates the wood and gives a moisture repellent finish, it is easy to apply, clean and maintain over time and will not peel and flake. When you feel that the wood needs it you can top up with another coat, just ensure that the wood is clean and dry before application. Hi To include if the wood is exposed to the elements, wind, rain etc ? I would recommend the Osmo WR Basecoat this is a protective treatment to use instead of the Cuprinol. Hai un'azienda? Wood treatment products including wood sealers, wood coatings and related products for both interior and exterior wood items Although designed for exterior joinery such as windows and doors, these products have been used on exterior, smooth planned timber constructions with success. Hi If the paint is already peeling and flaking there is a good chance that a pressure washer will help to remove a lot of the old product and bring it back to bare wood. (carefree is £37.5 x 28L) Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. I don’t have an orbital sander, so was wondering if I could apply the wood preserver and oil onto the rough wood without sanding, or does it need to be sanded for the oil to penetrate. Performing an inspection of all six sides of the door at least once a year can help keep these doors in tip-top shape for the lifetime of a home. Hi. Its always difficult when it comes to treatments that are to be used around animals. We would like a walnut colour but happy to keep the light green pre-treated colour. It can also be sprayed so application is quick and easy. This will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot. In terms of protection, I would like to protect the colour of both woods and from reading your advice to others, the Osmo UV protection oil 250 seems a good option. One or two coats of the WR Basecoat followed by two thin coats of the oil. And you are able to apply most paint finishes over this so you could look at the Ronseal Garden Paint for the legs to give an opaque finish. Restore the original colour of your outdoor wooden garden furniture with our exterior wood treatments. Can you tell me what is the best clear water proofer for a workshop made of planed Tanalised timber. The wood is quite yellow ish colour, I would like to keep it bright and outstand the grain. More Options Available. I know that the wood has been dried out by the stripping process and needs ‘feeding’ so I would be grateful if you could factor that in. I get the image of a good old fashioned wooden bar counter look to it. Any suggestions? It is made from Sapele hardwood. Allow the wood to cure, then apply wood filler and smooth with abrasive paper. This will be bare wood ,can you please tell me how best to prepare and best finish for this .Dark brown ,mahogany Matt finish preferred . We offer the region’s largest number of SKUs, or in other words, the widest array of pressure treated products. Thanks, Bernie. Now I do prefer keep natural wood look and try avoid varnish or any oil base stuff. If you have a varnished or painted finish currently on there and do not wish to remove it then a you will need to consider a similar product to go over the top after carrying out some preparation. We would be very grateful for your advice. This combination will also give a good, moisture repellent finish to the wood. Thank you, Ann, Thank you forgetting in touch with your question. Thanks Stewart. The two products are comparable in finish and durability however. It gives a very natural look and feel to the wood with exceptional durability and if well maintained over time will last for a long time. The benefit comes in that you do not have to strip back the oil that remains, simply ensure the surface is clean and dry and then re-coat. I was thinking about stripping the paint (which is flaking) and giving the post some sort of protection before they start on the porch. It can be difficult to narrow down a suitable product when you are unsure of the current finish, this often happens when people move into new properties. Where possible, treat all sides of the timber including edges and especially any cut ends with 2 coats of the preservative and then 2 coats of the decking oil. A question we get asked a lot here at Wood Finishes Direct is “What is the best exterior wood treatment?”. I want to keep the mahogany colour, is there another product which I can use to recoat the fence and keep the mahogany shade? We want to use a stain that will give a natural warm golden light colour (like a red cedar, beech or walnut) we really dont want it to look painted. I Have no knowledge of wether it has been treated in the past or what with if it has. Our Water Based Shed & Fence Treatments come in a wide range of sizes and colours to transform your timber. Hi Sam, I have recently purchased an 8′ x 5′ shed as a flat pack, sides, roof and floor, it’s already coated in factory preserver but they recommend it be recoated in more protection. As a starting point and assuming all the wood is sanded and with out any previous treatments remaining. It may be possible to apply a paint over the top and this will give an opaque finish to the wood that will cover the dark stain, it is essential to carry out a test area first, The test area is to check not only that you will like the colour but also that there are no compatibility or adhesion issues. Access at the moment is easy but will become more difficult as the project develops so we could do with something long lasting with either a clear or slightly green finish. Once back to bare wood you can apply a good quality preservative Barrettine Premier Universal will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot, you can apply this liberally. The step was very dark in colour and looked scruffy….and so I was going to paint over it. If you have any other questions I am here to help. What is the best treatment for exterior wood? A clear oil will darken slightly to give what we call the ‘wet look’ and this will bring the appearance of the wood back to life. If you have a read up of the products and feel free to come back to me if you have any further questions. You can then follow this with a top coat of Decking Oil that will repel moisture and for an oil that will also slow down UV damage you could have a look at the Barrettine Decking Oil which comes in a clear or coloured finish and it is fair to say that when you apply a coloured finish this will improve the level of UV protection that the wood gets. Our Quick Dry Woodstain is rainproof in just 30 minutes – perfect if you need fast protection. It will be living outdoors for as long as it’s safe to sit on! For further product advice please feel free to get in touch via our contact us page. One product that I often recommend is the Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver. Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preserver – A wax free clear preserver. The clear oils will darken the wood very slightly to give the ‘wet look’ and sample sizes are available in both products that will allow you to carry out test areas first. If you are looking to add some colour or something different just let me know and I can make some alternate recommendations. Or alternatively the Osmo Decking Oil in Black 020. For the preservative I can recommend the Barrettine Premier Universal this is a clear product, although it may slightly darken the wood to give what we call the ‘wet look’. You could have a look at the Preservative to be applied first. Allow the seal to dry thoroughly. I don’t know the type or brand. Essentially, there are two types of exterior wood treatments, those that are absorbed into the surface of the wood such as oil based products and those that form a protective coating on the surface of the wood, both of which have their own unique characteristics and benefits. Thank you for getting in touch with your question. It will darken the wood slightly to give what we call the ‘wet look’. Also, we have created some new windows using reclaimed sweet chestnut wood for the lintels. My daughter has had an extension and now has large timber posts supporting a canopy over the front door. Keith. Would this be the best way to stain and preserve the wood? Which OSMO Products to use. Would appreciate advice on treating cedar beehives, many thanks. Tim. Thanks. Can you recommend a stain and treatment that is easy to maintain and apply that won’t stain clothing when dry? page. This one does not have UV protection however and will allow the wood to silver naturally. Any recommendations – the wood is quite exposed being high up and facing the worst of teh weather and the best of the sun. Each. The best way to stop the natural silvering process is to apply colour to the wood. The Barrettine Premier Universal is a popular choice, and available in a 1 litre tin. Ideally we would like to paint the cabin to our colour choice. I was thinking of wood preservative which I could paint on and dip the cut ends into. I anticipate people to lean on it and rest glasses and cups on it. Exterior Oils are often recommended as they have the benefit of being easy to maintain over time and Decking Oil is a great option to consider. Regards and Happy New Year Hi Available in branch for collection and for next day delivery. Simply grab your gloves and apply with a good quality paintbrush or cloth. Splash some water at the wood and see if it beads off the wood, if it does then there is likely something on the wood that is still protecting it. What finish would you recommend? as we have lots of rain, a day later the Creocote has sunk right into the wood and the wood now feels dry. That’s why we invest heavily in the training of our sales and service team, or as we call them, the SAS team. ex. Always try a test area first. Thanks, Mike. I would not recommend the Cuprinol and the Sikkens together. You have all the right product combinations and options there. I want to treat it with another preservative that will preserve and be water resistant over the winter . I prefer varnish, type long lasting weatherproof product.?? John. I’ve been looking at your website and I’m not sure she whether to go for a clear water seal treatment or a wood oil. What’s the best way to protect it? The benefit of a Decking Oil is that it is also easy to maintain over time. Hello Is your potting bench bare wood or has it been previously treated? Cedar shingle tend to not require a finish, certainly not immediately any how. So how long would the cheaper option last before needing re coating? And are you looking to treat the interior, exterior or both areas of the joinery. Give the surface a full day to dry before moving on. Or just preserver? Is your summerhouse smooth planed timber or rough sawn timber? VAT £15.93. Will it not work with Osmo? It is essential that the wood is dry when application of oil is carried out and that you have a couple of dry days to carry out the project, I know that can be difficult in this country with such changeable weather. Penetrative Wood Treatments It’s made from walnut and has a natural, light colour. Any advice welcome thanks Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry, the Osmo and Sikkens are not compatible products and in order to use the Osmo Country Colour needs to be applied to bare wood as it has to soak into the surface of the wood. There are essentially two types of exterior wood treatments -. If the wood has been dried and is ready for treatment then I would recommend the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra in the 429 natural finish. Hi, I’m guessing not but would appreciate some advice thanks. we originally purchased the Cuprinol garden shades series but finding that requires 6 or more coats to even get near a solid colour (tested it on spare timber first) the log cabin is huge (5×4) and simply dont have the time (or patience) to paint it 6 or more times.

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