how old is castner glacier

Roam the glacier looking for more caves and other interesting features or views of the glacier stretching for miles up the valley. Am I doing more harm than good? I had mountaineering experience in Washington State, and we met a third guy and set out for the climb. window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"445003c8206deff3672f3ecc5","lid":"5271adac55","uniqueMethods":true}) }), If you have appreciated the content of this page and cannot. There was so much rock I could never have guessed there was ice under it all if not for the otherwise inexplicable cavern in the slope. Because of this, I remind people always to follow Leave No Trace principles when in the backcountry and pack out … Yale Glacier is a 20-mile-long (32 km) glacier in the U.S. state of Alaska.It begins at the saddle between Mount Witherspoon and Mount Einstein, and trends southwest to Yale Arm of College Fjord, 47 miles (76 km) west of Valdez.It was named for Yale University by members of the 1899 Harriman Alaska Expedition.. Geography. Gary at Narrow Cape. But you’ll have to wait to hear more on those stories in future Chronicles! and Old Snowy.Length: 19 kmWidth: ~1 kmFlow: UnknownStatus: RetreatingAccess: Walking through rocky stream bed and some larger boulders, some of the hike can be eliminated with high clearance 4×4 driving, but could be walked from Richardson Highway, Journal of Glaciology Article:, Another Photographer’s account of the change of Casnter Glacier At the time, there was actually white ice below all the debris, resulting in a nearly 100′ tall rise of moraine mid glacier! COtoAK. My trip to the Castner Glacier was unexpected and short, but provided an interesting perspective on something I had yet to witness in person. I think I know one of our August destinations…although I’ll forgive the guide if we don’t see a white ptarmigan. From pictures I have seen of the Castner Glacier it really looks like it has shrunk. Even if you fall down, I will keep searching for. Castner Glacier. Dec 5 8:30 am. Above it was another hill – thankfully less steep – and above that, another. The Castner Glacier Trail begins at Castner Creek near Paxson, Alaska. Amanda and Rose, Savage River. Wheeler Peak Glacier, Nevada – Sep 29, 2018, Bomber Glacier (Bomber Traverse) – Backpack, Mojito Glacier (Holden Hut Build) – Backpack, Northern Cwm Glacier (Holden Hut Build) – Backpack, PennyRoyal Glacier (Bomber Traverse) – Backpack, Snowbird Glacier (Bomber Traverse) – Backpack, Wintergreen Glacier (Holden Hut Build) – Backpack, Asulkan Glacier (Seven Steps to Paradise) – Ski Tour, Looking down into the large cave at the toe of the Castner Glacier with water, mud and rocks falling in from above, On the steep slopes of ice, moraine is unable to stick so the ice shows through. Or perhaps the glacier was formerly much thicker, deflating tremendously over time and, in the process, dumping in massive amounts of rock from both sides. But through the years the glacier has dropped dramatically making the climb up to the hut an arduous and potentially dangerous climb. Maybe the dead ice with the cave was just an isolated patch, but then, there was far too much water flowing for that to be the case. Kosh I will keep on … The hole had been melted out of the ice by water running under and through it. Gary at Narrow Cape. Archived. I was literally on hands and knees crawling forward in the sliding rocks, at times just brushing the moraine aside to look for imperfections in the ice below to place my hands and feet on. Camera & Tripod 3,000 more miles driven for the privilege of spending the third summer in a row in sunny Alaska (actually, it would turn out to be one of the wettest summers on record in the Matanuska Valley). The timing of moraine stabilization and ice retreat was determined by cosmogenic 10Be surface exposure dating for the two older moraines along with lichenometric … glacier(s) a mass of ice, usually at high latitudes or high elevations, with sufficient thickness to flow away from the source area in lobes, tongues, or masses. All that water goes in, it has to come out somewhere. If you go to the BLM link for Castner Glacier, they say it’s only a 1/2 mile hike to the glacier – this is not correct. Team Alaska, Denali. A sort of ‘side canyon’ formed along the South end of the Castner Glacier where the ice has melted faster than what was covered in moraine on the main flow of the glacier. Or hike across it. Yale Glacier is a 20-mile-long (32 km) glacier in the U.S ... On this same occasion, Castner went on snowshoes some distance up the margin of the Yale Glacier, which may perhaps show that it was then less severely crevassed than in 1910 when traveling upon its surface was impossible. To get to the Thayer Hut use the Castner Glacier access (page 10) and stay on the right hand moraine until you see an ice tongue on your left. Eleven members of the Alaska Alpine Club, led by Buck Wilson and me, used their spring vacation from March 23 to 26 to make the first ascent of Old Snowy (9700 feet) in the Castner Glacier area of the eastern Alaska Range. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . This function has been disabled for Ian A Johnson : Life, Wildlife, Wild-life. Black Rapids Glacier is my personal favorite, but that glacier requires considerable physical effort to access. But for now, it’s one of the most stunning and easily accessed glacier basins in all of Alaska. Unsuccessful attempts were made in May to ascend an unclimbed 11,500-foot peak on the north Park. It reminded me of the carvings of the guardians in the caves in Belize. As global temperatures rise and weather events and climates become more erratic and unpredictable, who knows how long they will be around to be enjoyed. At least for now I feel I have good reason for making the drive. Too excited and impatient to wait and return later with things like friends or proper glacier travel gear, I pressed on, wearing what were basically tennis shoes. Comment. I think it was a … The ice cave at the front of the glacier may not be … I have to admit, I don’t feel like I know enough about glaciers, other then what I’ve read while traveling both in Iceland and Alaska last summer. and Old Snowy. Unlike Castner Glacier, though, it only takes a mile of hiking over rough moraine to reach bare ice, and from that point it is rather easy to continue up the glacier. This glacier is very low-angle and has few crevasses, but the snow conditions can become very soggy during the summer … Details. Take a peek at Thayer Hut! Answer 1 of 12: Hi everyone! The Thayer Hut on the Castner Glacier, built in the early 1960s, was the first hut built and is a classic A-frame. Gary explains active faults on Narrow Cape. See all that you can because they are all unique and enchanting in their own way and each one will leave you in awe – even if it is at first hidden from sight. They form layered domes and peaks which can be be many feet tall. What a change in 4 months! The Upper Castner Glacier far below the NW Ridge Linus at the start of the upper NW Ridge of the White Princess Dennis really glad all that nasty scree is behind us… The summit of the White Princess 2500 feet higher One of the level sections of the upper route The White Princess The beginning of steeper climbing Dennis on the lower part of the upper ridge The Hayes Group from the NW Ridge of … Castner Glacier. A steady 2.5-mile snowshoe or ski brings you to the wide glacier terminus, where you’ll find a captivating wall of … Met a guy that wanted to climb the White Princess up the Castner Glacier. In 2017 I would employ new methods of Alaskan transportation including backpacking, kayaks, a train, four wheelers, and wading through belly-button deep, newly melted glacier water (complete with icebergs floating by) to access 10 more glaciers that summer alone. As you pan the camera, his/her head emerges from cheek to nose. Dec 5 8:30 am. During the summer a party made a first ascent of Black Cap in the side of the Black Rapids Glacier and to climb Mount Russell in McKinley Castner Glacier area by the east ridge, and a group visited the … One last piece of the hike was a very cool look at a feeding white-tailed ptarmigan. Keep writing. Like!! In a remote section of Eastern Alaska, between Delta Junction and Glennallen, the Richardson Highway cuts through the Delta Mountains, part of the broader Alaska Range. This was an exit moulin, the opposite of what I spend my time climbing into on the Matanuska Glacier. It includes the Castner Glacier (13B) and the Black Rapids Glacier (20A). On Gopro H7B. There were two caves that I explored with Ross, each were double ended; you could enter through the front and exit in the back. - See 9 traveller reviews, 14 candid photos, and great deals for Delta Junction, AK, at Tripadvisor. Length: 19 km Width: ~1 km Flow: Unknown Status: Retreating Further research after my hike revealed that, indeed, the glacier is covered with more moraine than usual, apparently when studied in the 1950’s there was an outcropping or nunatek in the middle of the glacier far uphill, where potentially all the excess debris came from.

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