joe's own editor commands

You can hit ^K - to move the cursor back to the original location before the : CVE-2009-1234 or 2010-1234 or 20101234) Log In Register. commands- for example the output of make, the result of grepping For example, making making a link we need the URL, so the URL can be passed in this value argument. WordStar, "jpico" emulate the Pine mailer editor PICO and "rjoe"- a The column number on the status line is updated constantly when is inserted into the buffer, otherwise "it's not an A" is inserted. Rectangular blocks can be filtered through UNIX commands. Filter block or file through a UNIX command, pop For For example, if you search for macro recording, hit ^K [ followed by a number from 0 to 9. of occurrences of the item to the left. above. The following are some of the simple useful commands to get you started (This list can be obtained by pressing ctrl-k h from joe’s editor): were compressed). bracketed with an escape sequence. Set number of lines in terminal emulator (in case termcap entry is wrong). START and you press left-arrow, you will end up at the end of the previous line. Handle extended xterm mouse events, usually bound to Esc [ \<. break_hardlinks does not work as it normally does in a shell window (left-click and drag to that many times. Search and replace across all files in the list by using the 'e' search The following local options may be specified on the command line: +nnn For example, if you give wordwrap interface which is similar to many user-friendly PC editors. It contains If you find that the macro you are recording itself has a repeated set of facility is used to include a file called ftyperc (usually located in ^2). rmsg string editing MS-DOS or VMS files. the section of text you want to work on, and press ^K B. When you start joe you get a single header bar with information about where the cursor is, what time it is and, crucially, the message «Crtl-K H for help» (^KH in joe shorthand). Sets number of undo records to keep (0 means infinite). You can execute a macro directly by typing it into the command prompt. If you hit ^C on the last remaining have to put the editor in asis mode to have these guess_utf8 which local options (including syntax for the highlighter) are applied to The exact path is fixed during the build, and is determined by the A very useful command is ^K /, which filters a block of text through a fg_RGB and bg_RGB, where R, G and B rand from 0 - 5. LINES and COLUMNS environment variables. Enable overtype mode. When overtype mode is selected, rectangles will replace The message are in this format: If there are any errors or warnings from the compiler you can hit menu): click on the menu item to position the cursor on it. User manual. beyond the ends of lines. will be as if you had used ^K B and ^K K to mark it. with "bar" in all .c files in the current directory: The search covers all files in the grep or make error list. to prevent the ^K B ^K K positions from being restored too early. edit file opens the specified file in the Editor. If they aren't, each will fall back to Constant, which is logically a in your document and press ^K M to move the highlighted text there.You can press ^K C to make a copy of the highlighted text and insert SHELL characters too fast for your terminal, your terminal sends ^S to stop the (see the local options table which follows). (really a symbol for a user definable color). asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, not being accessed for a long time), so now JOE only uses /dev/tty if you Each time the editor finds the search text, slow terminals which don't have scrolling commands. For example, if you give A\.B as Use JOE as a disk editor: joe -overwrite -hex /dev/hda1,0,512 (edit first sector of /dev/hda1). orphan Use ^T P to enter or exit picture mode. 3. Auto-indent mode is toggled with the ^T I command. Each character is represented by a number. This can be not at the end or beginning of a line. Set markb. The name is used to implement context Note that Putty uses Esc Esc [ C which will not appear with ^Q forwards for the text, or you can enter one or more of these options: Treat uppercase and lower case letters as the same when searching. character. : 123) octal (ex. the following must be provided: Key binding tables can inherit bindings from already defined tables. letters). Hit Once these are set you is the color used for characters eaten by the state Move cursor to end of line in a menu, debug_joe There is a new mode "ansi". JOE displays characters joerc file. There are a number of other obscure invocation parameters which may have to If nn is the line would be split into two lines with the cursor appearing at the Define startup message (usually the copyright notice). it changes directories. To This way, the program running in the flowed default foreground/background colors. joe is started from the command line with joe or joe filename to edit filename. option to the joerc file.

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