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Many people carry neck knives in a small sheath that hangs by a cord around the neck. TOPS Knives are proudly made in the Rocky Mountains USA. We've picked out 7 perfect knives and multitools for everyone from the most minimalist hikers to full-on forest dwellers. Neck knives are convenient to carry, concealable, and unlike a folding knife they have no moving parts to wear out or keep clean. The Backpacker comes sharp out of the box, but the tip may be too dull for some users — nothing a quick sharpen can’t fix. Not so with this beauty. Besides, none of these other knives will have a ruler! When you need pliers, you need pliers. I like that its basically full length with a decent blade, but still lightweight. Read More This custom Folts Minimalist is a Beta-Titanium version of the one listed in this review with Kirinite handle scales. 9.25" Tactical Survival HUNTING KNIFE Military Combat Camping Fixed Blade Green. The blade, made from CPM S30V steel, clocks in at just under 1.25″ and closed up it’s a tidy 2″, making it one of the most compact neck knives on the market. It’s comforting having easy access to self-protection while backpacking and hitchhiking. So you could shave that weight if you could figure out a lighter sheath…, The Best Black Friday Deals for Backpackers and Hikers, The Best Hiking Gear Deals from the Backcountry Cyber Sale, Gossamer Gear The DCF One Ultralight Tent Review, [Book Review] 2000 Miles Together — The Raw, Unexpurgated Story of the Crawford Family, 10 Accessories Under $100 to Winterize your Backpacking Setup, Accessing the Appalachian Trail: A List of Shuttles and Taxi Services, Six Moon Designs Deschutes Plus vs. Wild Oasis UL Tarp Review, Sierra Designs Women’s Cold Canyon Hoodie Review, Outdoor Research Chain Reaction Hoodie ReviewÂ. I’m not a fan of folding knives as i have had a few fold up on my hand before. Neck knives are small knives, usually fixed blades, that are easy to conceal and carry. It sports a stout fixed blade body that comes with optional G10 handle scales, and the black powder coat finish makes it one of the finest-feeling blades out there. The knife hangs on a cord from a … The 5 Best Neck Knives of 2020 Read More » Con: Factory chain is terrible. He was born and raised in Phoenix, and fills most of his shelves with books on American West history and fiction. Designed by renowned knifemaker Alan Folts, the Minimalist is the lightest of the neck knives we tested, but it’s not lacking in other departments. Thanks for making us aware of possible production issues on this knife. The new Fastpak from Rainier Knives is a super-light, and very attractive small fixed blade. It’s easy to grab and use as needed and though it doesn’t technically lock in place, we had no issues with the blade coming out when it wasn’t supposed to. I am getting a Cold Steel 20AZ Bird and Game. It will also carry deep in any pocket with its low-profile pocket clip. Join 80,000+ adventurers getting epic travel, camping and hiking ideas every week. With a hardy construction and stainless steel, this should be low maintenance and will last on long hikes. We put this knife through the ringer as our everyday carry option, and out of all the neck knives, it seemed to hold its edge the best. Limbo Champ: In the battle for how low… Still, for the quality and performance of a sub-$20 knife, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Backpacker’s build and utility. Excellent substance for under $15. Pro: Thin enough for EDC scout carry position. This helps control the knife and keeps your thumb from slipping during use. ... kitchen knives and occasionally other specialty items such as neck knives and even some swords and daggers. Mini Review: This time tested, vintage knife is … The main drawback is that you should try to keep moisture from sitting on the blade as this steel will be more prone to rust than some other stainless steel varieties. When he’s not writing or reading, he enjoys trail running and traveling with his wife and kids (you know who you are). One drawback is that any “hard” use may dull this blade faster than others, since its properties are still softer than other metals. You’re welcome! Those who’ve used the brand — which makes all their products in the USA — know the distinction, and for those who haven’t, you’re in for a helluva time. Like any other lock on a folding knife, you may cut yourself if you fail to engage it properly. Are you a game hunter that finds yourself with a need to carry a small … I carry the PS4 on me everyday (at this moment, in fact). This has got to be a strong contender for the best backpacking knife title, no doubt, it’s also in the running for best backpacking survival knife accolades. As a neck knife, the Minimalist lays flat on your chest and is easy to forget because of its balanced weight and shape. The knife sheath comes with options for neck carry, belt carry and pocket/pack carry, making it easy to stow wherever works best for you. Big savings. The black titanium handle is sleek and wears well on the chest, and the only downside we see is the fact that it doesn’t come with any kind of bead-chain necklace. Best deals. Good choice and thanks for sharing! You won’t find UGQ products at REI or, but that’s by design. Just in case you wondering what a knife nerd like me carries on the trail, my answer might surprise you. I’m thinking whenever I hit the trail..that’ll be my go-to. 4.4 out of 5 stars 18. Was: $94.60. The unique handle shape makes this knife one of the easiest to handle with or without gloves, regardless of wet conditions. The blade on the Micra is almost the same length as the Classic SD, but if you planned to carry a separate bottle opener or want a more robust, easy-to-handle pair of scissors, this might be your best bet. There are a plethora of options when it comes to solar-powered camping gear. The beechwood handle is light in hand and very ergonomic, though it doesn’t feature any texturing to help with grip. At 26 grams, it’s the lightest knife we tried out, and it’s ideal for those who want to bust out a neck knife without looking like the office radical (unless that’s what you’re going for). Great article. It’s sharp as hell out of the box, and even a small sharpening session can bring it to “frightening” levels, as one reviewer put it. A hiking pack will likely have a padded waist belt, so carrying the knife around the neck keeps it accessible without affecting the fit of your pack. This versatile tool can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, survival, or everyday carry. Mini Review: The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 fills a niche between the other blades on this list. If you go outside then carrying a neck knife may be a great option for you. Free shipping. I aim to positively impact other people making every step on the trail count for something more than my own enjoyment. It even has a larger blade. 8.25" Tactical Survival Knife Paracord Carrying Case Fire Starter Army Green. The HW 2017 Edition Knives are sold out–but be on the lookout for some in Fall 2018! The Snarl’s one-piece construction means you can go to town on this blade without worrying about things falling apart. Obviously, there are a few critical tissues near the rib and scalenes that could be irritated here. Mini Review: Vargo has made a very lightweight fixed-blade knife by using a titanium alloy instead of stainless steel. The plastic sheath that it comes with is .3 oz. Glad you enjoyed it and gained some peace of mind. This affordable, widely used, and easy-to-handle knife is great for weak hands, or those who want the most control of their blade. My personal belief is that a much smaller folding knife or a neck knife will more conveniently serve your needs and are much more compatible with your actual (rather than anticipated) needs on the Trail. Some people really count the ounces and prefer ultralight knives and gear to cut down on the weight they have to carry. In a world of overseas manufacturing, we also love that the knives are made right here in the US, and with a lifetime, unconditional guarantee, you’re investing in much more than a neck knife: you’re buying the quality and assurance of peak … Those tweezers can come in handy, every now and then. There are neck knives that become statement pieces, and there are those you’d rather conceal. Need a neck knife? It has the most robust pair of scissors you’ll get for the weight. Discover 12 of the best cold weather tents, including the top 3-season and 4-season tents made for car camping, backpacking and extreme winter weather. This makes it easy to access and pack almost anywhere. Many knives its size offer cramped, uncomfortable positions that make it difficult to make the full range of movement you need. Currently I only have the no. it was pretty disappointing, because otherwise i really liked the design of the knife. Clipped to my pocket, I carry my EDC blade, the 3-oz Kershaw Leek in stainless. There is some texturing—known as jimping—on the spine, above the handle where your thumb rests. The AXIS® lock offers an added level of confidence with ambidextrous features that lefties will enjoy. Despite its small size, it has a substantial profile that resembles a much larger, thicker knife. If you’re going to trust your life to a knife, it has to be strong enough for the job. ESEE Knives, Neck Knife Fixed Blade, 2.875" 1095 Carbon Blade, Black … Shop Today! Let me know what you end up carrying on the trail in the comments! It’s very unique, so make sure you know how it operates before heading out on trail. Looks like it might bolt on. Not to be confused with knives from the higher-end Benchmade, this 6″ neck knife is ideal for those looking for an affordable fixed blade knife that’s just heavy and long enough to tackle all your outdoor needs. Once you get that on hand, I would love to know what the weight is including the sheath; I can only find the weight for the knife sans sheath. Check out our favorite field watches under $200, some of the best leather minimalist wallets, or our favorite budget hiking backpacks. Carry a knife, but I’m a minimalist … a small, folding blade that’s pretty dang light. “We may look curious, homely, whatever, but we’ll never be called unusable or undependable,” wrote a Spyderco employee when explaining why their Dog Tag Folder knife is more expensive than most of its competition (good Amazon discount, though). The result is a large blade at a very low weight. In a world of overseas manufacturing, we also love that the knives are made right here in the US, and with a lifetime, unconditional guarantee, you’re investing in much more than a neck knife: you’re buying the quality and assurance of peak performance. This website contains affiliate links, which means The Trek may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements. If you’ll be in a wet, humid environment or you’re thinking of pack-rafting along your hike(s), this would be an “always ready” option that weighs less than one ounce! They work great for clipping cord or dental floss and work well for dealing with blisters and keeping toe nails (if any!) – Alan Folts, you are a wizard. Also its design is really cool! Opinel No7 (Stainless Steel) Folding Knife. Almost gone . I’ve merged my enthusiasm for knives and backpacking to bring you a list of backpacking blades that each weigh less than two ounces and are capable enough to handle trail life. It’s super light and will be a part of my EDC items from here on out. Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Thanks for the review. on mine the screw holding everything together loosened relatively quickly wich made it possible to touch the edge when the blade is closed and that also made it not look up in open position. Bridging the gap between slippers and full-on adventure boots, the Howser II boots are perfect for in between adventures. Is having the extra tools worth the extra .8 ounces over the Classic SD? Hey y’all! Mini Review: The Classic SD is one of the most popular knives on the trail for good reason. 8 carbon steel. Andrew, I had never heard of the Deejo 15g – thanks for turning me onto it! I’ve done my homework, though, so both blades still weigh less than 2oz combined. Some of the neck knives on this list are clearly designed for … The handle scales also offer aggressive, multi-directional texturing which offer excellent traction for your hand regardless of gloves or wet conditions. Wiping the blade free of moisture or food before returning the knife to the sheath will help inhibit rust. Plus,it’s blue! The blade sports Spyderco’s trademark round hole feature for easy use, and even though it brings to mind something like a box cutter, there’s more power there than meets the eye. $105.06. Top 10 Neck Knives Available In 2020 95. I ended up giving the edge to the Micra only because i felt like most hikers would prefer scissors. It’s technically a multi-tool and is of the lightest options available. Since every person is different, I put several options together so that you can find one that fits your needs and mode of carry (how and where you carry it on your person). This plain sharp edge neck knife is more X-ACTO knife than some of the larger fixed blades we tested, but it performs just as well for many everyday carry tasks. Free shipping. You can learn more about our editorial and affiliate policy. Hard to beat the Dozier for price, weight, usable blade length and color options but the Buck 55 has the classic look, is even more compact yet solid, and is USA made if that matter to you. Another fantastic all-in-one skeletonized knife with a 3-1/4 inch 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel blade and recent favorite of mine.

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