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The main issue is not identifying the stakeholders and the resulting unidentified requirements. If you’re reading this right now, then you understand how important a PMP Certification is to get ahead in your career. We offer live PMP Certification Training courses in over 60 convenient locations. See the table below for membership and exam fees. You can download the PMP handbook from Project Management Institute at Earning the PMP certification means you must qualify for the requirements in addition to studying for and passing the PMP exam. Congratulations! Corrective and preventive actions may be requested by anyone and are outputs of planning and executing processes as well as monitoring and controlling. Submit a workaround to Integrated Change Control, Send a registered letter to your sponsor to document your knowledge of the situation and to resign as project manager, Develop a contingency plan and fallback plan, Pursue additional information from your colleague’s source within the EPA, A high level of power; a high level of influence, A moderate level of power; a high level of influence, A high level of power; a moderate level of interest, A high level of power; a high level of impact, May or may not be included in the final schedule, Are milestones which help the project manager build the schedule, Are mandatory milestones and must be included in the schedule, Will be negotiated by the team during the planning process, Sponsor or initiator at a level appropriate to funding the project, Key stakeholders who will be on the change control board, The team failed to create a WBS dictionary to describe the work, name the sponsor, estimate costs, define quality requirements and provide technical requirements, During Plan Quality, the team failed to create the correct test specifications for inclusion in the checklists for quality control, The team failed to create a WBS dictionary to document the details behind each WBS component, They failed to identify the risk of cumulative changes to the project creating a new set of deliverables, Corrective and preventive actions are related to eliminating variances, present and future, from the project management plan by modifying performance against the baselines, Defect repair requests apply only to the product of the project and are the output of Perform Quality Control, Defect repairs are identified as the result of using check lists, Corrective actions and preventive actions are only recommended following monitoring and controlling processes, Definitions of risk impact and probability, A limited-time offer to purchase necessary equipment at a 30% discount, Annual budget forecasts are due next month and the PM needs to ensure the sponsor has all the cost information required to continue the project, Inclement weather may delay installation of the concrete supports on the bridge, The company's chief engineer is taking a sabbatical during the summer months, Calculate a contingency reserve, including amounts of time, money and resources needed to handle the accepted risks, Create a new watch list to record all accepted risks, Monitor all identified risks and continue to look for new risks, Create backup plans for the outsourced risk because the vendor does not have a good relationship with the team, Follow the procurement management plan by sending out the requests for proposal, conducting a bidders’ conference and obtaining proposals from the vendors, Begin the execution of the project plan by meeting with all stakeholders and ensuring everyone understands his/her assignment on the project, Update the charter to reflect the agreed upon changes and meet with the three vice presidents to achieve final buy-in, Call a meeting to present the completed plan, including the approved scope, schedule and cost plans to the eight key stakeholders for final approval, Select the vendor offering the lowest price and negotiate a contract, Select the vendor offering the best combination of price and technical solution and negotiate a contract, Select the top three vendor proposals, refine your requirements and request a more specific and comprehensive proposal from each of the finalists. The detailed cost is then summarized or “rolled up” to higher levels for subsequent reporting and tracking purposes. B, C and D are incorrect. TPMI no longer checks for a certain number of hours of experience in project management. 10. Project Management Academy®, PMA®, the most trusted name in project management training®, and Senior Certified Project Manager® are registered marks of Educate 360, LLC. D is a histogram used to identify causes of an error. Your scope statement is not very well defined, but you need to complete the project with a high level of quality within twelve months. 11. D - A is the technique of rolling costs estimated at a detail level up through the WBS to ensure all deliverables are considered. A - A common active acceptance strategy is to establish reserves of time, money and resources to handle the risks if one of them should occur. If you have a bachelor’s degree (or global equivalent), then you need to have:. PMI, PMBOK, PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, PMI-PBA, The PMI TALENT TRIANGLE and the PMI Talent Triangle logo, and the PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. | PMI R.E.P Provider ID #3348. 41. C - Quality assurance uses all quality-related tools. While developing the project charter, the performing organization considers the level of risk involved in the project. The cause and effect diagram is the tool the team would use to conduct the root cause analysis within the process analysis. As project team development efforts such as training, team building, and co-location are implemented, the project management team makes formal or informal assessments of the project team’s effectiveness. A - The team is measuring power and influence. In this situation, the risk has not occurred; it is only rumored to possibly occur. When you look at the reports for the past six weeks, you notice that four of your team members are consistently a day late in completing deliverables. Which one of the following represents an accurate combination of project manager competencies according to PMI Talent Triangle? You have until 31 December 2020 to take the current Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. While reviewing your past performance in order to predict the status of the project at completion, you determine that the project scope was not as well defined as you thought, technical standards have been unrealistic, the product design did not have engineering’s input and your team has just learned of a new regulatory requirement. PMP certification is a widely recognized certification, accepted, and identified as a benchmark by project managers across the globe.. If you’re a 4PMTI student, we offer you FREE online courses that meet the above requirements and are qualified to provide you with the remaining 52 PDUs when you enroll in our PMP training courses*. Your team has been creating a WBS based on the Project Scope Statement that was developed from the Project Charter. The template classifies change requests as corrective actions, preventive actions and defect repairs. Academic Education: You will need to input your highest level of education, years attended, name of institution, and field of study. 32. Which of the following tools would best meet your need to predict future performance? PMP Boot Camp Course A team member looked at a schedule and corrected it, stating, “testing can only be completed after the module software development”. In B, the risk owner recognizes the symptoms. Scatter diagrams show relationships and are a quality control tool. Certified Project Managers on average earn over 22% more than those without the certification. It is recognized all over the world as a competent certificate for Project Managers. Stakeholders in the upper right quadrant of the grid rank higher than stakeholders in the other 3 quadrants. The project manager is conducting a team performance assessment. When you meet with Hank, your contact in the accounting department, Hank informs you that the company has already committed 60% of its project budget to another project; therefore, the required funds will not be available at the time you planned to purchase the equipment. What scheduling method are you using? Click here for our PDU courses. Project Management Academy has all the information to guide you through the journey. It provides a model with multiple dimensions that improves the depiction of the stakeholder community as a multidimensional entity and assists with the development of communication strategies. However, if you are selected for a PMP audit, you will need to submit documents to verify your academic education, professional education (PMTIs PMP training certificate), and PM experience. During the planning process, modifications to the original scope, the summary budget and summary milestones have been required and were approved by the sponsor. The lessons learned register may record challenges, problems, realized risks and opportunities, or other content as appropriate. 42. The standard non-member price to take the exam is $555. So, D is less correct answer. D - Project manager competencies include technical, leadership, and strategic / business skills. CBAP® and CCBA® are registered certification marks owned by International Institute of Business Analysis. Completion dates for work at each facility have been included in the charter. You have successfully achieved one of the most difficult certifications in the project management industry and become one step closer to reaching your career goals. Test, PMTI $500 And during this time, you must earn 60 additional Professional Development Units (PDUs) to maintain your certification for another 3 years. Sales (Toll Free): (866) 540-3126 The objective of fast tracking a project is to: 34. 44. But if you’re selected for an audit, PMI will wait until they receive your completed audit documents to verify their accuracy & completeness before they approve your application. Project Management Professional Credential Handbook, Minimum of 60 months of unique non-overlapping professional project management experience, 35 contact hours of formal project management education (satisfied by PMA's 4-Day, Minimum of 36 months of unique non-overlapping professional project management experience, Minimum of 24 months of unique non-overlapping professional project management experience. The project manager has looked at the charts that show how much availability exists with each of the team members in a project. Here are the 8 steps to get the PMP certification: The PMP exam is hard because of two reasons - a) The pmp exam content is vast and difficult and b) There is very little time available to answer questions. 37. 27. D is too broad a statement. * A secondary degree is defined as a high school diploma, associate's degree, or global equivalent. The project team is implementing the project management plan and wants to be certain they are maximizing benefits from quality audits. So, the risk of “Unknown Bugs” has the greatest impact on the project. Washington, DC 20005 What is the PM going to use next? A project manager has completed conducting risk review and risk audit meetings by using risk management plan, risk register, and risk reports. What would the PM do next? In general, candidates have numerous questions about the PMP requirements. So, plan accordingly. PMI will continue to require 36 months of non-overlapping project management experience if you have a four-year degree. Before starting your PMP certification journey, first you have to make sure that you’re eligible to take the PMP certification exam. We want to give you a way to become PMP certified in as little time as 5 days from now and 100% money-back guarantee. Each of the plant managers has specified requirements regarding scope, resources, and cost. You are a Project Manager on a very large project that your organization’s future depends upon. Due to a recent equipment situation, several new risks have been identified. B - A, risk audits and risk assessments are conducted in Monitor Risks. Changes to scope, schedule or cost baselines due to progressive elaboration are approved by the sponsor (or a CCB) and are usually presented to the signers of the charter before continuing with the project. 33. Risk data quality assessment is used in qualitative risk analysis. It can be defined as an activity of formulating a plan and then implementing or executing it to perfecting through controlled strategy and joint coordination of a team. The project requires EPA approval to complete the work that has already begun. You can find PMPs leading projects in nearly every country and, unlike other certifications that focus on a particular geography or domain, the PMP® is truly global. 45. 36. Stakeholders Engagement Assessment Matrix, Leadership, strategic, and organizational, The project manager may not have adequate experience/knowledge in developing and installing security business applications and cannot direct his team or the functional managers, The sponsor is not assisting the project manager in getting the necessary support from the functional teams, The project management team missed identifying some project stakeholders, The project manager did not follow basic PMI procedures such as project charter approval and other project management processes, so he is unable to obtain support from functional groups, Requirements traceability matrix, control scope, Requirements traceability matrix, control quality. 12. 28. C is the study and analysis of historical information to predict future outcomes. Once you’ve been approved, you can take your PMP online proctored certification exam in the comfort of your home using OnVue platform from Pearson VUE or at your nearest Pearson VUE Test Center. This document is created during which of the following processes: 8. See the table above for details of the experience requirement. So that you’ll be well-prepared for your PMP certification journey and that all of your time, investment, and effort will not go to waste. The question does not suggest changes have occurred (D). These differences include prerequisites, cost, level of difficulty, and how the credentials are perceived industry-wide. A stakeholder engagement assessment matrix supports comparison between the current engagement levels of stakeholders and the desired engagement levels required for successful project delivery. 5-why method is a tool to identify the root cause of a risk and is more commonly used in the planning process group where more detail is known about the project. For more information on the complete value of being a PMI member, see our PMP Certification Guide. As part of a strategy to handle negative risk, a project manager decided to adopt less complex processes, conduct more tests and choose a more stable supplier. Follow the PMP application process below and submit to PMI®. This dependency is mandatory. Complete our PMP certification training course. Description, Corporate & Group 47. Scholarship, Find out if you are eligible for the PMP Certification, Project Management Professional (PMP) Handbook, How To Pass The Exam on Your First Try! 7. It is updated in all other processes. They have labeled a higher point in the WBS that they have labeled a Planning Package. 30. B is slightly better since you are considering a solution as well as price. B is a business management strategy promoting quality. PMP Certification Requirements For 2020 * A secondary degree is defined as a high school diploma, associate's degree, or global equivalent. into a three-dimensional model that can be useful to project managers and teams in identifying and engaging their stakeholder community. 22. B - This is the definition of the critical path. This is an example of a: 5. While adding 0 days of free float is not part of the definition, all activities on the critical path have 0 days of free float because they cannot be delayed without delaying a successor activity. What did the project team neglect to do? 48. The Swirl logo™ is a trademark of AXELOS Limited. This message should be: 30. Head over to to get started with the PMP application. 22. Find out why the best PMP online training is the one offered by PMTI for you. They referred to the economic value of the next best alternative they gave up as _______________________. That sounds very complicated. 26. Important: A very small percentage of applications will be subject to a random audit process that’ll require anyone being audited to present evidence to validate all of the information they submitted with their application. All rights reserved. Next, it’s about your experience. D - Plan Procurements and Conduct Procurements processes are generally concurrent with all project management planning (A). These trademarks are used with the express permission of International Institute of Business Analysis. After the unpredictable grand success of their child safety door knobs for homes, SaveChildLife, the company has been inundated with proposals from many automobile manufacturers to implement similar technology. Discover the PMP Advantage Professional Education: Here you will provide PMTI’s PMP training course title and when you attend it to satisfy the 35 contact hours requirement. Their document not only identifies key stakeholders, it recommends the most politically savvy means of enlisting maximum support on the project. Meeting these requirements is the first step to obtaining PMP Certification. The cost of individual activities is estimated with the greatest level of specified detail. You can claim a maximum of 8 PDUs for being a project management practitioner as a part of your job, 17 PDUs by means of “Other Giving Back”, and a minimum of 35 PDUs as a part of the continuing education. D is the technique of ensuring that planned expenditures are within funding limits. What is Joe’s next step? You should have PM Experience of either 4500 hours or 7500 hours depending on your educational qualification. 13. 35. The Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is hard. Defects occur in processes as well as products, thus, repair requests are also an output of Perform Quality Assurance. RS (Bugs) = 5 x (0+2+2+4) = 40 You and the team have identified the activities and the resources that will be needed, and have entered best-case duration estimates into each identified activity. What strategy would this be classified as? Although the PMP is not the right certification for every project manager, the following information will help you determine if it’s … The minimal payable items required for the PMP® certification exam for most Aspirants are listed below: 1. Verifying changes & deliverables is not a part of a quality audit but is an output of Control Quality. The pm team is now having trouble determining what work is actually required. 46. C - The project management team must identify the project stakeholders, determine their requirements, interest, and expectations, and manage their influence as much as possible in relation to those requirements to ensure a successful project. 1. You believe that although it’s notoriously difficult, it’s worth the extra effort. Take the PMP Exam: The PMP Exam is 200 questions with a 4 hour time limit. The Project Management Institute requires that you meet some initial requirements before you are eligible to sit for the PMP exam. Earning your PMP Certification will set you apart as a leader on your team and increase your earning potential. It also adds to the lesson learned database, and confirms implementation of approved change requests, corrective actions, defect repairs, and preventive actions. One of the documents which would have helped manage each of these problems proactively is the: 21. After the PMBOK 6th edition release, the PMP Content Outline is not changed. She would like the cost estimate to be as accurate as possible. 4. So there are no changes to the format of the PMP certification exam or PMP certification eligibility requirements after the release of PMBOK 6th edition. The exam will be computer-based, so you’ll be able to receive your score immediately. Failing to pass means you’ll be losing time, money, and opportunities to get ahead in your career faster. 13. Your team has been working together to identify all the risks and to analyze them. 1. C - “Quality Audits” is a tool and technique of Manage Quality. Challenges and problems encountered and how they can be avoided, Information to be used as an input to administrative closure, Feedback from the customer as to what you could have done better, Identify nonconformity, gaps, and shortcomings, Reduce cost of quality and increase customer acceptance, Confirm implementation of approved change requests, Use Kanban system based on theory-of-constraints, Use critical path method to identify schedule flexibilities, Assign resources upfront to all the work determined in define scope, Use rolling wave planning based on adaptive life cycle, All planning and most executing processes, Most monitoring and controlling and some executing processes, One initiating, three planning, and six executing processes, The project does not have adequate lead and lag times built in, The duration of the activity should be compressed, A buffer, reserve or contingency should be added to the activity duration, Is a threat and if addressed, may be mitigated, Represents the most optimistic returns on the event, Document the new risk with acceptance strategy in the risk register, Update the risk register with new risks, outdated risks, and realized risks, Start developing a strategy to respond to the new risk, Determine if you are eligible for the PMP certification.

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