I want to grow old and wrinkly...said no one ever!

Now introducing Jeuveau™...a less costly alternative to Botox!

Meet Jeuveau™ (prabotulinumtoxinA-xvfs) injection – a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines aka 11s) in adults for a temporary period of time.

At Newport Aesthetics, we provide top-of-the-line anti-wrinkle treatments.

Wrinkles such as worry lines, laugh lines, neck lines, crow’s feet and neck bands are caused by muscles under the skin contracting when we laugh, smile or express emotions facially. Jeuveau™ is so effective because it works on the root of the cause - the nerves that control muscles! Jeuveau™ temporarily weakens the skin’s muscles, reducing their ability to contract. No contractions means no wrinkles, hence smoother, tighter and wrinkle-free skin.

How much Botox will I need?

We are pleased to announce that Newport Aesthetics is one of the FIRST practices in the USA to receive Jeuveau™. We were nominated to the Jeuveau™ Experience Treatment (J.E.T.) program and have had more experience with this product than any other practice in the area!

Jeuveau™ has been studied in over 2,100 patients across 5 clinical studies.3-7 The most commonly reported side effects in clinical trials include headache, eyelid drooping, upper respiratory tract infection and increased white blood cell count.1 No serious drug-related adverse events were observed in the studies

Our premium-quality neurotoxin treatments are administered in a modern, well-equipped and hygienic facility, by skilled clinicians. neurotoxin treatments are not long, drawn-out procedures that require extensive pre- and follow-up appointments or a series of expert (read expensive!) consultations. Thanks to advances in the medical aesthetics industry, neurotoxin treatments are as simple as getting a shot. There are virtually no side-effects to speak of, and you can resume normal activities and go about your day as soon as you’re done.

Our clients typically see results in three to five days. It may take up to 14 days in some cases, although that’s very rare. The treatment lasts for three to four months. Clients who repeat the treatments every few 3-6 months over a period of time and follow suggestions and recommendations typically see longer-lasting results.

We also offer neurotoxin treatments for hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive underarm moisture. The treatment is safe and FDA-approved, and can control underarm moisture for up to 12 months.

Jeuveau™ treatments are safe, easy to administer, and have no harmful side effects. And the best part is, it only takes a few minutes. Depending on the severity and area of the wrinkles, you’ll be up and away in about 15 minutes, with just a few Jeuveau™ injections.

  • Forehead Creases
  • Glabellar Lines (11s)
  • Eye Wrinkles (Crow's Feet)
  • Frown Lines
  • Downward turning upper lip (Lip Flip)
  • Frowning Corners of Mouth
  • Platysmal Bands (Neck)
  • Jawline Definition
  • Fine Smiles Around Corners of Mouth
Jeuveau Neurotoxin Botox Cosmetic Official Website

Jeuveau at newport aesthetics

Jeuveau Treatment at Newport Aesthetics by Dr Ann Mai MD Newport Beach California

before and after Jeuveau treatment

Those frown lines (11s)!
Botox Treatment at Newport Aesthetics by Dr Ann Mai MD Newport Beach California
Botox Treatment at Newport Aesthetics by Dr Ann Mai MD Newport Beach California

before and after

Results for Jeuveau are pretty much THE SAME as botox

Photos taken at maximum frown and/or full smile before and after treatment with BOTOX at day 7. In two clinical studies for moderate to severe crow’s feet, 26.1% and 20.3% of people had ≥ 2-grade improvement at day 30. In one of these studies, 67.9% of people had mild or no crow’s feet at day 30 after treatment. In clinical studies for moderate to severe frown lines, physicians assessed 80% of people had significant improvement at day 30.

How about some Jeuveau for men?

Botox at Newport Aesthetics


Let that pocketbook do a happy dance!

$14/per unit (no minimum) $12/per unit (minimum 20 units) Join CLUB SMOOTH to save even more!

$11/per unit when you bring a friend (no minimum) or join CLUB SMOOTH

Botox had competitors to date...but this one is definitely head-to-head a fabulous clone.
Our clients have been raving about it - while saving money!
Jeuveau Botox Evolus Newport aesthetics by dr Ann Mai MD 949 660 9972

Botox Treatment at Newport Aesthetics by Dr Ann Mai MD Newport Beach CaliforniaJeuveau Botox Evolus Newport aesthetics by dr Ann Mai MD 949 660 9972

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